Spectrum Charter changed my dynamic IP address

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Been running my 6700 remotely for 7 to 8 months now without any serious problems (mostly self generated). But was testing my remote power controller getting ready for a short trip. I had my son in Florida try to access my controller and he could not gain control. After a little trouble shooting I discovered that my internet provider (Spectrum) had changed my IP address. Because their residential service only has dynamic addresses they tell me that they cannot change me to a static address without an additional infusion of extra gold for a business account. What are other hams doing about this problem? Is there any way to obtain the newly changed IP address from a remote operating location if it is changed while I am not at my house? I am not very up to date on dynamic/static IP issues and at 79 my mind is not very accepting of new ideas or changes. Any ideas will be appreciated.
73 Al, N4AB   
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This is a very common issue and can easily be resolved by signing up with a free Dynamic DNS service (known DDNS). The service will map a fixed DNS name of your choice to your router's dynamic external IP address and automatically update the fixed name with your ever changing external IP. You simply refer to a name rather than an IP to find your home connection on the Internet. Your home router should have the functionality built in to update the DDNS service of your choice. I personally like Duck DNS but there are many free services out there. Duck DNS provides all the needed "how-to" on their website on how to sign up and configure your router.

W1EQX Carmine

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Hi Al

Sorry to see your address got changed.

Mine gets changed all the time and I use tools that allow for this to be dealt with.  

One, is DynDNS.org, which I use.  There are others out there too.

The dyndns.org tools automatically update the DNS (domain name servers) every time their address changes.

As an example, my DX Cluster is at va3mw.dxcluster.org port 41112.  From our perspective, the name never changes, but numbers do and when you set it up this way, you never have to worry about the actual ip address and there is no need to pay for a static IP address.

Mike va3mw
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That can solve your problem. If it is to geeky you will need to sadly pay up.
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If you do not want to sign up for a DNS service, install "Gateway IP Monitor" on your PC.   It checks for your external IP address on a regular basis and it will send you an email anytime your external IP changes along with the new IP address.  
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John, I like that!  I need a backup to my backup for IP address.  Another single point of failure narrowed down.


Mike va3mw
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I use no-ip.com.   Like most of the other services you make an account, setup a domain usually based on a name they have then install an agent on one of your computers or even a raspberry Pi.

Then forget about IP addresses and just use your service based domain name!