someone whit 6700 and good signal generator ?

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Hi   i look for some one whit a 6700 and a good signal generator and 30 db attenuator for to take some measurement for me  ?  i try to trouble shoot a issue ,but no longer have my 6700 as reference  ( trade up for a 6600 )

1 test  ->
144.200  -30db signal + attenuator  feed to radio  XVRT port whit pre-amp set to +40db 
CW 50hz filter  mouse over signal meter   take me screen shoot of the signal  in dbm
this is for validate generator + ATT  signal lever 

2 test  ->
144.200  + attenuator  feed to radio  XVRT port whit pre-amp set to +40db 
have  working setup of WSJT-X in JT65B  set as follow  and validate lowest generator setting
for have desired signal level on WSJT-X (usually very close to -136dbm on the generator )
i want to knot the generator setting  in dbm (Minimum detectable signal )
need to let some time to got stable signal since WSJT-X work by averaging over ~1 minute 

Marc  VE2PN / VE2OLM
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have not been able to decode any EME yet. I will try to do the tests when I get back home from business trip. Maybe someone will provide test results before I can get to it. I am interested to see if there is any difference with 6600.
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Marc Lalonde

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Hi Salvador  for now  only need signal from a RF signal  Generator
i try to find issue on my system ,the time i got the 6600 many thing have change on my station ,so hard to tell were is the issue ,so i try to remove radio from equation ;-)

but for now i may tell i have serious dynamic range issue  whit Kuhne transverter +6600 VS the 6700 

and EME reception is strange ,not yet put finger on what wrong but ,many station not decode ,seem to have general lack of signal ,even if i have work some small station
much less station "see"  ,cannot always blame faraday rotation ...

but as today think my 6700 was better option ,that remove transverter from the equation  ,and LNA + transverter gain  may source of my lack of dynamic range 

Best regard 
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Marc Lalonde

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ok think i may now officially remove radio from suspect list 
the guilty was IP Camera , i control it on/off state by  remote cut it supply  ,but seem new Ethernet switch supply POE  to Camera so away on now !!!    and degrade my noise level of >10db ...

whit camera off i back able to make smaller station that me ,and got my own echo back the moon

6700 still have better dynamic range on VHF ,since signal go straight into SCU  (almost)
whit the 6600 need transverter and unfortunately "analog" system have less dynamic range 
but have now 2 XVRT port ,so it all about compromise  noting perfect ...

so my 2cent

if need ultimate VHF dynamic range 6700 is for you (still need a excellent LNA for work )
if need multi band transverter option 6600 is the way to go 

Best regard 
Marc L.  VE2PN 
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Good work Marc!!

I have chased down very many noise generators at my remote base.  However, it is not as critical for me as it is for you doing EME work.

My 3 favourite are:

  1. Garmin wall cube charger for my GPS for my bike - it wiped out of HF up to 60mhz
  2. Our UV water filter over 100 M away from my HF antennas.  It was bad on 80M
  3. An electric fence over 1600 meters away.  It was arcing and I fixed it for the neighbour.  I used a KX2 and a VX7r in AM mode to find it.
I hope you are enjoying the warm Quebec weather! LOL

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Marc Lalonde

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ya don't tell  i wait 30 day for today excellent EME condition 
day start as super spring day ;-)  as thing start to work ,snowstorm whit > 20mph wind ,seem is not today will work TD9FYC  expedition.
at least i have time to make  12 station before force to end operation 

as noise it one of big reason i chose maritime container ,make good Faraday cage 
but the camera is outside on antenna boom ;-) ,so it my weak point