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First off, SmartSDR for iOS is a lovely app.  Marcus, you should be very proud of it.  That said, being a young app, it still has a few expected nits.  My problem is with the Mic Boost setting.

I am running a pair of 6700’s and use a Symetrix 528E as a preamp so that I can split the mic signal into both 6700’s.  As a result, I do not want the “+20dB” enabled on the SSDR Phone settings panel.  This setup works very well locally.

Now, with SSDR for iOS (version 1.0.2), I have been having problems getting a loud enough mic level.  With the internal mic on my iPad Pro, even enabling “Mic Boost” and setting the mic gain to 100 does not get my peak mic levels to 0 dB.  Typically, the peak reading only reaches half scale and RF power output is very low.  Using the mic in the earbud cable is better, but still does not reach 0dB unless I scream.  So problem number one is insufficient mic gain.  Interestingly, if I use my Logitech Bluetooth headset, I get plenty of mic volume as long as I have the “Mic Boost” in the iOS app enabled.

But here is the second and greater problem.  SmartSDR for iOS shares its “Mic boost” setting with the hardware mic boost in radio.  When I use the 6700 with the local mic (plugged into the back) I do not want the +20dB enabled.  When I use the OS app, I need the “Mic boost” enabled.  I am constantly having to go to the settings panel to turn this setting on and off.

So, question #1:  Is there a way to make the iOS mic boost independent from the hardware mic boost (specifically, the +20dB gain for the front and rear mic connections on the 6700)?

And question #2:  How can I get more gain for the iPad internal and earbuds mics?

Thanks, Bob, N7ZO.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Thanks guys for the great discussion here (and of course for your compliments Bob).

I was just about to add the feature to automatically save the profiles when leaving the App but Jay, I completely agree to what you wrote, I personally wouldn't want that so I will better leave it as is.

And yes, the MIC gain (and other App specific settings) can be handled by Profiles. That's also what I am doing.

However, I personally experienced big differences between my different devices. iPads (even the Pro) has a lower gain compared to my iPhones 6 and 6splus whereas the iPhone 5 has a similar gain compared to the iPad Pro. The same is true for the Audio output gain.

This said, I thought it would be no bad idea to add two sliders in the settings where you can adjust Mic and Speaker gain on a per device basis. This would be independent of the profiles and not synchronized across devices. For those who don't need it, they can leave the slider in the center position (no attenuation or boost). Would you guys agree ?

vy 73,
Marcus, DL8MRE