Not losing connection..... acually restarting is causing lost connection problem.

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Ive had a loosing connection problem with my 6600 since new.....sometimes goes weeks just fine then sometimes lost connection 4 times in 5 days.

Untill the other nite I thought just loosing connection.

But the other nite I was laying in bed and the flex restarted itself, green light flashes a bit then solid and radio is fine except I have to reconnect.

At first Flex insisted it was my router, cables or Computer.

I tried a different computer,  router and cables, problem persist.

Flex still insist its my computer so I bought a $900 computer, Problem still persist.

Flex told me not to send it in because it would take a long time.....

Radio has been running almost 3 days now and im concerned about my warranty.

I need some reasonable RELIEF.

Windows 10, Radio has always had battery backup, tried different power supplies also, 3 in all

Ive used different power cables and felt for loose connections etc.

I can not get it to do anything by feeling all cables.

Hello Flex.........
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Posted 7 months ago

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If the green light flashes, it means that you have lost power to your radio. It suggests a problem with the power cable, a fuse holder or similar, which is causing it to lose power momentarily. When this happens you will lose connectivity with your radio and need to reconnect. Are you by chance using the remote turn on/ turn off feature? If this turned the radio off then on again, it would do what you are seeing. I would first check your power cable, (which you have done),  the connectors at the back of your radio and the internal fuse to make sure it has clean contacts, the fuse is not broken internally (I have seen several in different equipment where the fuse is intermittent) & keep fingers crossed that you find the cause. It is pointing towards a loss of power to the radio or an internal problem that is causing the radio to reset.
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I think he means the normal green flashing when the radio first boots up
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Can you describe the power supply you are using? Is it losing connection when transmitting??
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Problem has never happened when transmitting.

My power Supplies are all fine.

My 12v power wires are fine, ive tried several.

The problem is my Flex...... tried everything many many times.

If was weak connection it would be more obvious when transmitting.

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Not necessarily. A dirty fuse contact can cause problems when a small current is being drawn but then work when a large current is passed through it. In digital car radios this is a major problem which frequently is nothing more than a dirty set of fuse contacts. I have looked at some after all other tests have failed to find the fault and the poor owner has paid hundreds of dollars in service fees. Sometimes a simple fault is the easiest to be overlooked.
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I have had a similar problem where during startup my 6600M on/off button is flashing red and does not seem to be booting up properly.  The most recent case indicated it had lost my internet connection then takes me to the login screen asking me which version of SmartSDR I want to use and then it starts up fine.
Only had the radio about one month now and it is new.  This has happened 3 or 4 times now. 


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Best bet here is to open a formal support case with flex.  Let Tim or one of their technicians walk through troubleshooting your radio.  If they determine it needs to be sent in at that time they will let you know, but they may be able to get you running properly without that.. so the best place is to work this through is flex support.
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I use KD9UR's SDRMointor and one time I notices abt 1.5V drop in voltage which turned out to be a connector that started to act up. Good luck and hopefully you will find your problem !