NAQP Feb 2015 rtty

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Current 3830 standing at time of posting

Single Op QRP Call QSOs Mults Op Time Score Team

KE8M        365 126  10    45,990

K2YG        303 124  9.7   37,572New Providence ARC

KM9R        220 113  10    24,860

K7MK        173   95   8     16,435

WA8HSB   158   67  6.0   10,586ACG

KT8TD       101   50  10    5,050FCG

KU7Y           71   52  3.5   3,692AOCC Scoundrels

Ok this was my second full effort at a rtty contest ever and both were done with my 6300. I do not know if it will hold , but I am currently sitting at # 3 qrp in the nation and both #1 and #2 used much better antennas than I and one could argue their locations were better as well. Bottom line, my flex 6300 made this accomplishment very easy to do and more experience would have resulted in an even better score.

I hope my spot in the top 5 holds (results in being recognized in the contest write up ) but even if it does not, my score would have given me the number two spot last year and I know I would not have been able to do this w/o my 6300. I might have been able to come close w/ my kx-3 and it's px-3 but I do not own a px-3 and an hdmi output is still in the works for the px-3. That would be a must to match the definition of the flex's panadapter which I consider to be a big contributer to my overall success so far.

In addition, afaik , there is not a way to interface the kx-3 w/ mmtty. Very easy to do so with 6300 and dax and both interface nicely w/ n1mm+.

Thanks for helping me do so well.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Gang, well I had fun on the contest only 3.2 hours due to taking care of my disable wife. I had 1,638 points. The FLEX 6500 even though wounded only 65.8 watts never miss a beat. I like the short contest.