Maestro shipping notice received!

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I just received a copy of my paid invoice with UPS tracking info!  I ordered Friday morning last year at Dayton and paid the balance Monday.  Hope to have it Friday.  This should mean that 1.72 maybe release tonight.  The new documentation has a revision history note dated today by Tim that states 'Final updates before release.'  When I saw that I just kept looking for the release and the special email.  Can't wait, I have my second PI to program tonight.    73 Jeff N3VE
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Jeffrey Kerber, N3VE

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Posted 2 years ago

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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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We are just finalizing the doc.  Getting ready....
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Mike - W8MM

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Just received my updated (PAID) invoice with tracking number!!  My order was confirmed on 15 May, 2015 at 7:34 AM EDT.

Woo Hoo!
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Mike va3mw

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You are going to love it.    Sounds like you are working on your VPN items which is great.  Make sure you have running solid on your local net first.  

When running Wifi, try to use 5Ghz or  make sure you 2.4Ghz has very low latency (hence  my post from the other day).

I carry mine back and forth from my Toronto home to my Montreal office in my personal luggage.  My not so dirty laundry does a good job of protecting it.  :)

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Jeffrey Kerber, N3VE

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Michael, just got through the first Pi last night and will start testing when I get home from work.  When that works I will back it up and start on part 2 which I was able to watch today.  I am hoping that the second build will not take me as long. Thanks for the great info, had to pause the video many times, I am not real familiar with the Linus OS.  73 Jeff N3VE
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Glad it helped.  I am busy through Saturday, but would be able to get onto IRC Sat & Sunday PM to give a hand.  I may be able to jump on during the evenings Thurs-Fri too, that's kinda up in the air, but maybe.
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Mike va3mw

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You can thank Chris for the video.  He did a great job.
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Jeffrey Kerber, N3VE

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K6OZY, Chris thank you for your work on the videos, as a somewhat nube to Linux your video was very helpful but had some issues.  I will start working on the Pi's in a few minutes. If I have problems I will reach out for the help you so generously offered. 
73 Jeff N3VE
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If it is the line on the QuickBooks Payment System Invoice that says "Your tracking ID:" I think that is just a payment transaction number.

If it is a number that starts as 1ZY226Rxxxxxxxx then it is a UPS ID number and you have to check if it is "in motion" or just pre-assigned.


Steve K9ZW

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Mine says "Label Created" on the UPS site.

But, ... I'm patient.
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Mine shows waiting for UPS pickup on the UPS website.
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I heard a TRUE RUMOR that the attached picture is loading docks for FRS, Rumor is these trailers are full of Maestros waiting to roll out.

Lew N4CO
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Congrats Jeff! I'll catch you on the air :-)

Dave wo2x

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Got my number, but it's not in the UPS system yet, so I guess I'll have to wait a few more days.
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Scott - WM7C

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I ordered in October 2015.  I received the invoice today and my Maestro has shipped already and will be here early next week.
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Thanks Scott.  I ordered mine on 10-23-15, no invoice yet but sounds like I may be getting close.
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Well, I ordered on January  20th, so looks like there is still a wait ahead.  Worth it, but still a wait.