Improvement to CWX under SmartSDR

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It would be great to be able to have a CQ repeat automatically with a programmed delay.  You could use the escape key or a press of the code key to cancel it.  This would be very useful for contesting.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Andrew

This function is built into most contesting software.  N1MM drives the Flex radios wonderfully and can do exactly what you ask.

Mike va3mw
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Because you were wondering about the "Elmer" designations, in the Community.
Begin here ...
It's an earned designation.
One I may never earn. 
When you don't know, ask, there might be an answer waiting.


73, Jay - NO5J

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I guess I am an Elmer. I am not an employee and I am invested in the product just like everyone else. I am only adding my personal opinion on how the software product lifecycle works. It is the same for Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc. That is all.

From a contesting perspective (my personal one and what is the norm) that auto CQ is generated by the contesting software, not the radio. The reason you do it this way is so that you can control the keyer in a much better fashion. We want to do that from the keyboard, not the radio as it is 'faster' than reaching over to the radio.

There are times that having a auto repeat for a radio makes sense (like my FT897) and that might be for a 6M beacon when you are out in a remote operation, etc.

Kevin, my comments are only my personal view and possibly elaborating on how the software product life cycle works. I have a zero value vote in this process. That is all.

Flex does have an appointment contest champion (I'm not sure if that is public or not), so based on that, I won't publish his name or call since I am not sure if that is covered via NDA or not.

I encourage all to express their own opinion always and to do it with respect and professionalism. If I failed to do that, then shame on me. for that I apologize.

Many 73, Mike va3mw
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I'd like to address Kevin's question about Community Elmers.  They are people who have shown a history of assisting people and providing quality answers.  They do not speak for FlexRadio nor are their answers always authoritative. Some Elmers are also part of the Alpha team and as such, they have a unique insight into some of the issues discussed on the Community, although they are not allowed to comment directly as all Alpha team members are under a strict NDA.  

Some of our Alpha team members like Michael are also software development professionals and have an intimate understanding of carefully balancing development resources to achieve the greatest ROI, so comments like working on things that positively affect the greatest number of users rather than working on other features that have a more limited audience is not belittling your feature request or idea, it is just how smart business is conducted.  If we had unlimited development resources, we could do all these great ideas that people put forward in short order. Unfortunately, we do not so we have to prioritize and some ideas will become reality later than others. 
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I think that its a very good idea to have repeat function in CWX, POWERSDR could do that, and I really do not understand why its not in SMARTSDR.
Also smartsdr should have a Voice memory function.
Just any other radio on the marked have theese functions already.
I love my flex6600 dont misunderstand that, but beeing forced to use 3rd party software for something that should be in radiosoftware make the smartsdr not so smart in contesting and cw in generel.
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This suggestion has been repeatedly requested for years..  That’s why I have a K4D on order.
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There was exactly such a function in PowerSDR.  The double-quote character was used for this purpose and there was a separate, settable delay for it. 

While we're at it, we may as well add this feature I wished PowerSDR had:  If the # key is seen and then CWX postion 12 would be used as "our" contest exchange.  If there was a second number, it would increment the first by that amount (usually one, but conventionally present to indicate there should be an increment)
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I support the idea of Andrew, though many programs have this option, it would be interesting to icual that the part of CW has it, can incorporate this option directly from the flex, or can use something similar as the FlexControl with a 4 or 5 buttons to use calls directly from an external hardware, that would facilitate things a lot by not having to depend on the software program contests.

A flex control about 4 or 5 buttons for programmable call time would be ideal.

Similar to using Icon or Yaesu with FH-2 and programmable internal memories.
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The Vote button at the top of the page shows support. Don't forget to click that for any of the ideas found in the forum that you like. I think that adds some visibility to the idea.
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While it would be nice to have some improvements to CWX, the API has allowed software developers such as myself to do wonders with CW.

FRLogger has a CW panel.  Even if you didn't like the Logger or the rest of the program the CW panel offers many things including looping of CW macros, insertion of variables, speed changes, timed delays etc.

It is possible in FRLogger to write a macro that:

sends: CQ CQ CQ DE WS7M
delays 5 seconds
then loops to repeat until the esc key is hit.