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The best audio — period.

Don’t believe us? Try it.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Gerald,
hmmm...was this supposed to be a link to an article or demo about the audio?

It seems to be a  redirect to the shopping cart  http://cart.flexradio.com/

Maybe it should be "buyit" instead of "tryit"  (hi hi).

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
6700 - HW V
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Try what? 
I would, if I could ;)

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Gerald, tried this but the only thing I saw was you trying to sell me a radio. I've already have a 6500. HaHa
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May be special sales action will be later: if you have flex 6xxx the model below you can purchase at half price
ex.: Flex6700->Flex6500
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Oops! Ha!
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Guys read at the right corner, where it says "TRY IT!!!!"
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Al / NN4ZZ

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Thanks Ali, I see it now!

(was expecting an article or demo on "The Best Audio -- Period")

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
6700 - HW V
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How could I have missed that?  Perhaps the previous version of the page was in my cache and the new one didn't load the first time I clicked the link.....yeah...that has to be it!  
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Gerald you know you can do better.
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Ohhh a 30 day guarantee, nice!!
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Burt Fisher

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My 5000 got great audio reports, on my 6300 the report is it sounds like I am speaking with my nose pinched. (that was with the stock mike a D-104 was better, not great, better)
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Burt,  I've been able to make the stock mike sound very good.  It is not my go too mike, but it is certainly an acceptable replacement for my heil Proset 5 or my Blue Yeti.  

As far as the D-104, I'm not sure that its impedance is a match for the Flex 6000 and it will not sound very good no matter how you EQ it (unless you rework the impedance within the microphone.)

Gerald said this in another thread ( https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/6300_mic_input_circuit_actual_impedance?topic-reply... )
Gerald - K5SDR, Official Rep 
Official Response
The microphone inputs are high impedance.  The actual impedance varies by the gain setting of the DVGA in the CODEC.  The minimum impedance at maximum gain is about 5k on the front panel mic and about 3k on the balanced input.  The maximum impedance is over 80k at minimum gain settings.  
An online resource might be of help to you as the D-104 has an impedance of greater than 1 M-Ohms.

 ( http://www.internetwork.com/radio/kb1nfs/D104Matcher.htm)

We've all heard fantastic audio reports from those using very inexpensive PC microphone/headsets, so I don't think the issue is with the 6300.  I certainly don't with my 6300.
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Jim KJ7S

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Try this: Works with my stock handmic and the Pro/HC5 equipped RCA replica from Heil.

Keep in mind that this goes fairly well in MY case to eliminate Nasal reports, and my voice tends to be fairly bassy anyway... Pay particularly close attention to the 1k line.  YMWV hihi.
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Michael - N5TGL

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Stock mic just isn't that great.  Tone control on the back can help with the nasal sounds.  First thing I'd do is upgrade the mic.  To me it doesn't make sense to drive a multi-kilobuck radio with a cheap stock mic.  Get a RE20 or RE320 and you'll never look back.
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Philip KA4KOE

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The RE320 is a jam up microphone. BSW USA has microphone bundles from time to time.
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Lewis Cheek

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Gee, I went to link thinking it might be a Easter Egg for V 1.5

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Keith Ferguson

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Seems to me to be a pretty impressive offer by a company that's prepared to stand by their product. I haven't noticed any of the other manufacturers offering a 30-day return deal like that.
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Barry N1EU

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Ten-Tec has been offering 30-day return forever.
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Had been.  No more, and not for some time.

Not certain that offer was discontinued under their new RKR ownership, or at what stage before.  It dropped off their website over a year ago. (Let Archive.org be your buddy to compare dated captures).

Also TenTec reissued a new warranty policy which has some surprising things like Fans (presume amps and radios) are only warrantied for 90 days no matter how long the main warranty.  Not certain why on a $7000 amplifier where the fans are "mission critical" in protecting the expensive tubes that a grade of fans warrantable for only 90-days would be an acceptable situation? 

Back to FRS, the Try It campaign is not historically unique but is a rare offering that shows confidence in their products.  Some other do offer 10-day 10% restocking fee assessment return policies or similar, but at the present the Try It campaign is a standout.




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Jon - KF2E

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Gee, I wonder if this means we will be able to buy refurbished radios at a discount soon? Surely there will be a few people who return them for whatever reason.

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Jon - KF2E

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I also agree with Sergey, I wish there were an upgrade path from a 6500 to a 6700 other than sell/buy.

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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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Dell doesn't take computers back after a year(s) of use and resell them.  I might be wrong, but that sounds like what you are asking Flex to do.  Selling an item as "Refurbished" after it has been used for more than 30 day by a customer is not (in my opinion) what a honest company does. 
I personally would much rather that they continue on making and selling great, new hardware and developing new software and not get bog down on a secondary market.  Flex would have to really study to see if doing something like this would ever make them money.  That has to be final calculus.
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Jon - KF2E

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You aren't getting my point. Many companies(and now Flex) sell equipment with an X number of days money back guarantee. All of these companies get some number returned. When they do, they check them out, make sure all of the accessories are there and sell them as refurbished. What else would you have them do with returns? Refurbished can also be items that were returned during warranty for a replacement and subsequently fixed. Refurbished is not new, but checked out by the manufacturer and found good or fixed. Most of the time refurbished items carry the same warranty as new. 

Of course they make great radios, I love my 6500. I just want to be able to afford a 6700.

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The D-104's with the amplifier in the base will easily drive the 5k impedance....  Without the amplifier it requires 1 meg ohm or greater....
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K0EOO...good info!
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Indeed, as Gerald says, The 6000 Series can have the best TX audio out there.  Period.  But it takes a good mike and proper adjustment.

While I use a Heil PR22UT and love it, there are several inexpensive mikes that will perform well, when the TX EQ is properly adjusted for them:
Here are two examples:



The first one, only $19.95, is used by one of my rag-chew buddies, W8MH, on his Flex-3000 and he sounds great. 

The second one is $39.95, and should be even better.  It also has a true XLR connection. 

Good audio does not need to be expensive.
Yes, if you are an audiophile, and have the funds, you might consider some of the more expensive options out there. Yes, I believe that the difference would be somewhat noticeable, but there is a point of diminishing returns.  The exact point will vary operator to operator.

The key is learning how to properly adjust the audio chain, including TX bandwith, TX EQ, Mike Levels, and Processor.

Ken - NM9P
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Richard McClelland, AA5S

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Gerald, I would love to take you up on the offer for a thirty day trial but my company had their own announcement this week.  They are going to reduce headcount by 30,000.  It doesn't seem prudent to buy anything other than bread and cheese at the moment.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one in this situation and it must be affecting business at Flex as well.  I wish you guys the best.