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I have been operating with a StepIR vertical for the last several years.  It is very easy to setup for remote operation with my Flex 6700.  I am about to put up a Force 12 C3 beam on my tower.  I currently have an old tail twister rotor that is on it's last legs.  I'd like to update to a new rotor that can be remotely controlled.  What are some of you using for rotor and remote control.  I was thinking about replacing the Tailtwister with a Yaesu rotor.

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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Burch,  I am using a Yaesu 1000 rotor with the Green Heron Engineering Everywhere software for direction control.  I turn the Yaesu rotor control unit itself  on/off using a Web Powerswitch 7 ethernet controller for 8 AC outlets.  My particular setup requires a PC at the remote but I see 4O3A has a rotor control smart unit that is directly ethernet controlled.
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I have been using a Yaesu G-800DXA and the E.R.C (Easy Rotor Control Mini DX) which is a small box with USB on one end and a six pin DIN on the other that connects directly to the rotor.

Using the program PSTRotatorAZ I can control by computer locally, or remotely via computer, tablet, or web interface. Very nice.

The E.R.C. I’d a little over $100, and PSTRotator is about $30-$35. A great deal!
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I'm also using ERC-M. Works like a champ with PSTRotator software.
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The PSTRotator software is a great deal. Terrific software and Y03DMU is very responsive when it comes to adding new features or fixing bugs.
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Ken, does you setup eliminate the need for a rotor controller box like the DCU-1 to control a Hi-gain rotor like the HAM-M? My current rotor control box is just switches and a meter, standard old technology.

Bill W9JJB
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Bill, I have been using the basic ERC controller very successfully with an old 1980’s Fukner rotator I refurbished 8 years ago. I am using the software that comes with the package, but PSTRotator and other software will also work.

Have a look at the website. There is a comprehensive list of all compatible rotators. If your rotator is not on the list, they may be able to add it to the list and provide you with instructions on wiring it up, as was the case with my Fuchner rotator. Excellent service

GL Winston VK7WH
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Bill, I’ve just checked, the HAM M is on the list.

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I use my Spid rotor remote. Controller is connected with USB on local PC from remote station. This local PC can be controlled by remote desktop (VNC)







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I use the Alpha Spid RAK rotator with the rot controler working with PST software. This replaced a Ham IV that could not stand up to the winds here in Hawaii. The gears were destroyed, and the break was no effective. The RAK does not need a brake because of the high gear ratio. The wind will not move it.
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Don't forget the M2 RC2800PX worm drive rotor, needs no break and most software packages control this rotor, DDUtil, PSTrotor, N1MM+, DX4WIN and many other rotor and logging software packages...  I've had mine up for 12 years here in MN with NO problems.

Regards, Dennis, k0eoo
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I have used the ERC-M board in my Ham 3 for four years.  It was easy to build, install in the rotor control box and works flawlessly with many rotor control software solutions.  I happen to use and like PSTRotator.  Here is a link to the site and you will see the USA distributor is Vibroplex.  If you have any question while building or setting up the support from Germany was excellent.  I do not know about Vibroplex as there was no USA distributor when I purchased.

Just a side note the cost of rebuilding your current rotor and using the ERC-M will be much less than the price of a new rotor.  If you can't/don't want to rebuild yourself then 

John K3MA