doparksdr and dax crossplatform

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well i have been able to run dogparksdr (dpsdr) on my macbook pro and run dax with cwskimmer and fldigi on a Virtual Machine running Win7 in the same macbookpro

(see pic below)

notice dpsdr HUD in upper right
and teh rest of the view is cwskimmer and fldigi on VM win7

well once i did this, i then tried to do it across three different computer
i ran i5 mini with dogparksdr
on an i7 mini i ran VM fusion win7 with dax and cwskimmer
on macbook pro i ran another VM fusion win7 with dax and fldigi

this say two machines each with their own dax running was getting dax audio and dax iq
simultaneously...real distributed computing going on here

hard to get combine screen shot across these three machines

also Don has update dpsdr so that the it show callsign from cluster/spot on the panafall
and these are  now interactive in that you can click on the callsign and radio tunes to there exact posted freq and macloggerDX V6.x updates the main display just as if you clicked on a spot...

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Posted 3 years ago

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here is dpsdr and cwkimmer crossplatform

dpsdr and mldx and EC are running on an i5 mini with OSX
cwskimmer/sdrbridge are running on VM win7 on an i7 mini
where dax is managing the iq data tream

first picture you can see dpsdr with its panafall with spots

you also see EC which is Extra Cluster feature which has connected to cwskimmer running on another machine. This creates spots from local cwskimmer and also allows mldx to connect to another cluster across the internet (this case VE7CC)

in second pic is cwskimmer/sdrbridge on the i7 mini in VM win 7 environment

i am getting the best  of both worlds here

will be even better when don agro gets multiple panafalls in dpsdr

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Likewise - works great here, too. FlDigi for Mac also does great using Loopback audio for Mac to provide DAX-like service. With the latest version of FlDigi reading DogPark ́s MacLogger UDP data, frequency readout and all play well together. Eagerly awaiting Don's next bit of magic.