D-Star Repeater problem -- Simplex OK

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I have installed the Flex D-Star dongle on my Flex-6500. Simplex operation works except that the callsign extension and Message do not print on a D-Star Icom ID-5100 radio I was talking to..

In repeater mode, my system will not bring up a D-Star repeater when I press PTT. But when I release PTT, the repeater transmits a short burst and the D-Star Client prints a line with Called station identified as ********. See below. The TX EQ on the 6500 is OFF, The frequency I am using is 1 kHz below the nominal frequency as this seems to be more reliable. This is with the D-Star repeater KE5RCS but I get the same result with W5KA. Both local.

In simplex mode, my parameters are:

I am running SmartSDR v.1.6.21. Can anyone help with these problems?

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Posted 2 years ago

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Looking at your screen shots in both pictures the ke5rcs needs a "G" instead of a "C"
I am not running flex for dstar but I enter  it on my IC-7100 and it work the first time I tried to connect.
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Thanks for your comments. My values for MY, UR, RPT1 and RPT2 are set as specified in the setup manual from FlexRadio. Off course, manuals can be wrong.

I tried all combinations of "KE5RCS C" and "KE5RCS G" in both RPT1 and RPT2 but no change in operation. As I understand, RPT1 should have "C" as I am going into the repeater C module. If not using the gateway. RPT2 can also have C to have the voice come back out on the C module. G is used for the gateway.

What I don't understand is why the repeater output is off while I am transmitting, but the repeater transmits a short burst after I quit transmitting that is printed with CALLED: ********.


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I am having the same issue, and have identified the problem.   The radio or dongle, or software, whatever is TRUNCATING the beginning of the transmission, in other words, your ID string at the beginning of transmit is being generated, but the radio is late in transmitting, so that portion ends up not sent.   The repeater rejects it because there is no ID.  Hence the ************  AN aggravating problem that I would love to see resolved.  Maybe flex can fix this top where there is a short 1/2 second delay buffer to ensure all is transmitted?????
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I have entered this problem report into our bug tracker as issue #4613 for additional investigation. Thank you for the defect report.
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Make sure that your transmit low cut is set to 0.  If you bring your low cut up, you will start truncating your data stream.  The call sign is the first thing to truncate, then the message.
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Lee Maisel

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have set low cut to 0
problem persists.  
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    How are we coming on this bug????  Looks like that is all that stands between it working?

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Very sad that this issue was first brought up THREE years ago????  We the users deserve better than this.  I have read a lot about things that have been waiting a LONG LONG time.  again, very sad.
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Yes it is very sad. If its been 3 years chances are its not gonna get fixed and will probably be like that for another 3 years
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YUP..  I've given up on expecting a resolution.  They've completely moved on to Maestro and other products.  What a waste of money the D-star dongle was.
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So just a recap of unresolved issues for DSTAR I know of have assigned Bug Tracker Numbers:  4400 and 4613.  Did I miss any others?