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I don't know if it is implemented but is there any plan or any method where in the CWX setup macros for the F keys you can control things like speed?

Like in N1MM logger you can write something like  TU >>>5NN<<< CO

And when sending the TU will be at your base spreed, 5NN get increased by like 6 wpm then back down to base speed for CO.

At times working remote and attempting DX it would be very nice to have some CWX macros that could be setup in a similar way.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Is a great idea!
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Agree, nice idea.

Regards, AL / NN4ZZ
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Yes, a great start!  We need a keyboard macro language to be able to many of the mouse functions from the keyboard!
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Here is a list of macros that I implemented in a keyer once.  I chose '$' as the char to parse to start the macro except for the '*' for the first one.
*_____  concatenate chars until space or EOL (e.g. *SK )
$P_____ mS pause (e.g. $P1000 for 1 sec)
$R repeat
$M__ play msg (e.g. $M03 to play msg 3) if in the middle of a msg, orig msg continues
$C insert mycall. Implies need to easily set mycall
$N send next serial number. Implies need to easily reset serial to any value.
$S___ change speed
$SS Return speed to value before $S encountered (see above)

I would love to see something similar implemented in the Flex CWX strings.

Len, KD0RC