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About to upgrade to 1.6 whilst on a day off work today - using dx suite here and someone on dx suite reflector has reported issues with cat connection with dx suite and 1.6. Can someone please confirm whether they have 1.6 working with dx suite Commander? The author of dx suite is not aware of any issues but is still on 1.5 himself. I moved my logging onto dx suite due to the better integration with flex api and will delay moving onto 1.6 today if its not going to work with dx suite. I would have hoped that someone on the ssdr 1.6 testing team would be using dx suite and would have shouted to the author of dx suite if there were issues? I have read the new ssdr manual and the upgrade instructions a couple of times so now ready to try 1.6 today - if its working ok for someone with dx suite that would suggest just a set up issue and i can then proceed to work through the upgrade and careful set up of the new cat and dax on all my third party software like dx suite n1mmplus and wsjt
73 Steve Gw0gei / gw9J
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Posted 4 years ago

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Steve don`t worry
DXLabssuite in use with my F6700 from beginning(July 2013), no issues at ALL, 
after upgrade on 1.6.17 - all works FINE 
Connection Commander<->F6700 via IP
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I am running the DX Suite in Win 10 with Flex 1.6.17. I have no issues with the software.

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Using both on windows 10 and having no problems. Install was quick and flawless.
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works fine, even on Windown 10



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Thanks guys for your relies - that confirms to me it's probably a user issue in set up and I can therefore safely proceed to upgrade to 1.6 on w7 and carefully go through the steps with new cat and dax here with dx suite. Having moved over in recent two months to dx suite and got most of it working on the basics I didn't want to have to go back to logger32 and traditional cat Kenwood interface after enjoying the API interface in commander for last two months. I have delayed going onto 1.6 due to working full time and wanting to do the upgrade carefully at a time when I had time to do it! First I need to back up the few profiles I have set up in 1.5.1 7 and ensure that my windows 7 is up to date - it was not downloading windows updates this morning so going to go back to that later today as having read the docs I understand some have had issues if their windows is not up to date. I have Windows auto updates switched off as its a killer when it decides to auto download and update in the middle of a contest hi hi.

I want to get everything set up properly to time with my 6500 post this major upgrade, and then if I decide to proceed to buy a 6700 next month it should be easier to do the hardware upgrade as ssdr will already be set up well in 1.6

Thanks for the reassurance - all my previous ssdr upgrades have gone well so hopefully this one will too.
Steve gw0gei / gw9J
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I am using DxSuite WW for digital and can't get PTT to work. Can't find right DAX settings. Commander finds my Flex-6300 on EtherNet and controls radio ok. Could use some Elmer type help here.
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Ed, you should have get PTT control  with DX WW in case you Commander works fine and with selection
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That is the setting I have always used. I can't seem to find the right sound card settings. I see the DAX RX1 and it receives ok but I can't find the right DAX for TX. Maybe I don't have DAX set up correctly. What are your sound card settings?
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Ed, sorry i am not using DX WW for digi due different reasons, however
some time before i did it and i think this can help to you :


with SSDR version 1.5 and below you should use the same DAX pair like
RX DAX 1  and TX DAX 1  or RX DAX 2 and TX DAX 2
for now in 1.6 it should be like:

RX DAX 1 and TX DAX 1
RX DAX 2 and TX DAX 1

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Looks like I am late to the party but no problems with DXLabs

Steve Jones
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Anyone running DXLabs on dual monitors (SSDR on one and DXL on the other) with a Mac/parallels/win10?
How to do it?
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Sergey, R5AU

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Not yet Reggie, for the moment 27 inch is enough for me  :-)
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Works fine..  However there was a slight burp during initial install where it was not picking up the telemetry from the flex.  A full system reboot and it fired right up.  There have been reports that you have to specify the IP and port number to get it to connect for the first time, but once done it fires right up.
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W5XZ - dan

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worked for me, with dave's guidance...73
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Thanks for advice. Problem found. It was corrupt DAX TR driver. Did an uninstall/reinstall of driver (after I found it) and all is well now.

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Steve, actually I use 3 monitors, all 27". (old eyes) and I most certainly have SmarSDR on monitor 1, and DXLabs applets intespersed around the other two monitors. There was no rhyme or reason for the placements other what window would fit where.  So I selected the DXL program that would fit in the space available on that monitor. Obviously I can mouse left-right with no problems. With surplus monitors being so cheap these days, the only issue is getting a video card that can support them. Mine had 2 vga? and 1 HDMI port.

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Dave AA6YQ

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I installed SmartSDR 1.6.17 on my 6500 today, made a few PSK and RTTY QSOs, and am pleased to report that no changes in DXLab support are required.

The names of the virtual soundcards created by DAX have changed, so it was necessary to select the correct  Reception and Transmission virtual  soundcards on the Soundcard tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window, and on the Soundcard tab of WinWarbler's MultiRadio window. The macros I use to switch between single RTTY signal reception and dual RTTY signal reception employ <digirxsound:> commands, which also had to be updated to specify the new DAX virtual soundcard names.


           Dave, AA6YQ