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Power cycle cured CW timing problem.

Is there something in SSDR 3.2.39 that would throw my CW timing off? At the start of yesterday's NAQP about 25% of my computer-generated CW was horrendous--spaces in mid-character, dits & dahs the wrong length. Lots of requests for repeats. After checking my PC and N1MM, I finally solved the problem by power cycling the 6600. After that the issue completely disappeared. That's the first and only time that's ever happened so I'm curious if it might have been due to something recently changed in the software.


Rick N0VT


  • W7NGA
    W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 8


    Thanks for posting. I was just about to post my observations with my 6600 and SDR 3.2.39. I had noticed that the timing on CW was off, both direct keying and CWX. I verified with an oscilloscope that the RF was miscued and not just a sidetone anomaly. Rebooting the 6600 always cures the problem.

    What appears to be a memory leak, manifests after a day or two of operation (mainly receiving). After that interval I start experiencing errant timing on CW. It is always returned to normal operation and proper timing after a reboot.

    Aggravating and hopefully a fix is imminent since this is a well-documented (and lingering) issue.


  • K1ESE
    K1ESE Member ✭✭

    Same thing here. I now restart the remote 6300 before each contest. Needs a fix.

  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Keep Radio Fun!!! Member ✭✭

    Just to reconfirm the issue….

    Same thing here on my 6400 with the last SSDR update. Power recycle fixes it. It’s aggravating to seemingly deal with so any minor Flex issues constantly.

  • Joe N3HEE
    Joe N3HEE Member ✭✭

    Same thing with my 6600M 2.7.6.

  • Same with my 6400M running 3.2.39, a reboot fixes it for a few days. Think I might shell out for an outboard keyer unit, ZLP Electronics make a nice reasonably priced one in the UK, shame though given the price of the radio. If its a software issue it really needs some effort put into it to resolve.

    73 Mike

  • W7NGA
    W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 11


    Keep in mind that the problem will still exist using an external keyer. I first noticed the problem when I was using my new Begali Intrepid mechanical bug. I monitor the sampled RF output and could see that the timing was skewed. I then tried to send a string of dits with the internal keyer using a paddle and the stutter was quite evident. It all cleared once I rebooted.

  • Thanks W7NGA for that. I rebooted a few days ago and do not have the issue at present, will check with a straight key plugged in when the fault returns. Intuitively I had thought that using an external keyer with Iambic turned off on the radio would fix the issue, from your comment it appears the internal keyer is still in play even when Iambic is deselected.

    73 Mike.

  • OK so the plot thickens, for me at any rate. I have the CW timing issue right now on the 6400M, using the internal keyer and a Kent paddle, CW is mistimed intermittently. So I replaced the paddle with a straight key and set IAMBIC to off, a couple of QSO using the straight key and no issues noted with CW timing. So for me CW timing issue seems to be only apparent using the internal keyer in IAMBIC mode, so I may well try an external CW keyer interface see what happens.

    73 Mike.

  • W7NGA
    W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 31

    I am sitting here waiting for my 6600 to reboot. Tried calling a relatively high-speed CQ on 20 meters and the timing was unacceptable. From what I have experienced, the issues are not related to the key source (straight or iambic) or the internal keyer. Easily identifiable by sending a string of dits and the resultant stutter that occurs both in sidetone and RF output. Thankfully, a full reboot restores proper operation.

  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Keep Radio Fun!!! Member ✭✭

    The reboot "fixes" my CW timing issues, but it a hassle because I have to re-establish some 3rd party programs I have talking to the FLEX6400 each time I reboot it. And..... that means a trip to the equipment.

    Not very convenient for me and I hope it gets corrected. Any word on progress of a fix or acknowledgement that the problem is real?


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Broomfield, COMember, Super Elmer Moderator

    I have only had the issue when operating remotely, so this may or may not help.

    In my case, setting CW Delay up cleared up the sending. I needed anywhere from 30 ms to around 100 ms. 100 was for an atrocious internet connection using a cell phone hotspot.

  • Is Flex looking at this bug? It's horrible. Using the internal keyer produces pure garbage after the 6600 has been running a few days. Reset takes care of it but that isn't a "cure".
  • Pat_W5WTH
    Pat_W5WTH Keep Radio Fun!!! Member ✭✭
    edited September 30

    i hope so. It makes the rig near unoperational if I am remote via the Maestro.

    I issued a ticket and Flex gave me a few experiments to try. As luck would have it organizing shack cables and thunderstorms have forced a few “natural” reboots thus delaying things.

  • Les Brown
    Les Brown Member ✭✭

    I also experienced this problem the other day just as I was starting a CWT session. I had to reboot the 6600M. I hope Flex will fix this.

    73, Les VE3NNT

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    All, yes we are aware of this issue.

    The quick fix is to reboot prior to a contest. Once I have more to share on the issue, I will.

    Please understand that we have a policy of keeping quiet on issues until they are resolved.

    73 all

  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    "Please understand that we have a policy of keeping quiet on issues until they are resolved" - I am sure we all do but that policy does lead to endless reports of the same issue and endless requests for updates due to the Flex user base being kept uninformed.

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