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Behringer CMD Micro DJ Midi Controller for use with Flex 6000



  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    Has anyone Done a video on how you set everything up regarding software and how you run the program ?? the only thing I've seen so far is Willian showing the software running on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6g8AbS69Kg&t=13s the only thing I can done once I've loaded to software i.e. with out the picture of the CMD Micro showing on the screen so your not sure really if the software is working IS PRESSING THE PLAY BUTTON and the Flex 5300 goes in to TX but after a few presses the software crashes or what part has loaded, So anyone still using there CMD Micro with the Flex6** radio and can show how it all works after setup???

    Thanks Rob

  • Dale KB5VE
    Dale KB5VE Member ✭✭

    Rob I had mine working great with Flex 6500 set up on the Lan and the CMD hooked to the LAN.

    I moved to Florida and set my radio up to be remote. This is over the WAN. When I tried to get the CMD to work I have no luck . I have been told I need to set the radio up on a VPN but I need to find out if that is the only way. I liked theCMD better than the Mistroe.

    i would love some input on this also.


  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭
    edited October 2020

    So No One is using the CMD DJ Micro any more with there Flex 6000 radio's it was looking real good when the FULL program was out there but nothing any more really sad.

  • NR0X
    NR0X Member ✭✭
    [{"insert":"I use it with mine. But my copy of the software is messed up because I downloaded the Programming IDE to tweak the settings, but now the file is like 100mb plus. I don't properly know how to use the IDE yet. I know there is another gentleman who is looking for a copy, too.\n"}]
  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    Hi Jason thanks for the reply again, I'm not sure what the Full Program look like i.e. what's in the full zip file but the one I've tried on windows 7 64bit does not load up with the picture of the cmd midi just like the picture on william's video, if I can get the program to load to this point then I think it should work, this is why I think I don't have the Full Program i.e. CMDMicroFlex6k_v2_0.zip so if anyone still has the Full version please let us know as there are still a lot wanting to get there CMD micro midi working with there Flex 6000

  • Bob- W5TX
    Bob- W5TX Member ✭✭


    Been traveling so could not answer your request. Need your email. Folder contains 96MB.


    [email protected],net

  • Joel Lobão
    Joel Lobão Member ✭✭

    The software works with smartlink?

  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    message and e-mail address sent to you BOB thank's for the reply


    M0AOV / LZ2AOV

  • I'd like to try the DJ controller with your program. Could you share it again because the DROPBOX link is no longer available?
    Yuri - Ha4Fb
  • Bob- W5TX
    Bob- W5TX Member ✭✭


    I need your email address. Email me at [email protected] I’m traveling so may take a few days.

    Bob W5tx

  • Bob
    Thanks for the help. I wrote a letter to your email address.
  • Bob- W5TX
    Bob- W5TX Member ✭✭


    I lost your email address. Please send again as I am back home and can forward files.

    Bob W5TX

  • Setiman
    Setiman Member
    [{"insert":"I finally got my Beheringer CMD Micro Midi-Controller working again with my Flex 6500. It used to work few years ago - then stopped. Tried all sorts of things for a long time, and finally have it working again (although some numbers on the Behringer PC image displayed - do not update).\nSolved the problem by first using the JAVA delete program to delete the existing JAVA on my PC. However, that still did Not solve the problem. So next I had to go into the DOS windows prompt and search the hard drive for any remaining JAVA files. There were lots of them left on the drive and I deleted all of them. Was concerned that would effect something else on my PC - but it did not.\nNext I obtained a copy of the program labeled \"CMD MicroFlex 6k_V2_0d\" from a friend. It had two file folders - 32 bit and 64 bit, both contained compressed files.\nLoaded the 64 bit one on my Windows 10 PC and decompressed it. Started up my Flex 6500 application, and plugged the CMD Midi-Controller into my PC. Finally clicked on the uncompressed application. The program ran and while loading got a security alert from Microsoft Widows that there was a security exposure - do I want to continue? I selected continue anyway and the Beheringer came to life, image of the controller appeared on my PC screen and it worked with the Flex 6500 again.\nApparently what caused it to stop working originally - was a JAVA update. The newer versions of JAVA deleted some items and apparently fixed whatever security issue Windows warns of - but that also killed the Midi Controller working with the Flex 6500. \nI had about given up completely and made this one final attempt to get it working again. Thank goodnes I did. Nice to have this ability again to change things without the mouse.\nBob, KE0JJ \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n"}]
  • So have purchased a NEW CMD micro and need whatever software needed to run it with my Flex-6500 that is running version 3.2.39 software...anyone able to assist? Email is: [email protected]

    73 John/W4JCW

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