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DSTAR, FLEX has left me

FLEX WAVEFORM software is a great idea. FLEX had a DSTAR WAVEFORM software, installation, and operating documentation in the download for years.

With SMARTSDR version 1.5xx and the purchase from FLEX of a DV USB dongle and the DSTAR WAVEFORM software you could do DSTAR on HF or if you had 2m and 440 transverters do DSTAR on your local repeaters. Worked great. No bad issues with it that I could tell. I used my FLEX 6xxx on DSTAR HF voice and with the great waterfall, I could find a clear spot to operate.

With SMARTSDR version 2.4xx, the FLEX DSTAR Waverform software had a minor bug. It had a small delay that showed up in the next transmission. Minor, but a little irritating since I paid to go to 2.****.

With SMARTSDR version 3.xx, the FLEX DSTAR Waveform software was not even being recognized by 3.xx and would not work at all. And, again I paid for this "upgrade".

FLEX then removed any trace of the DSTAR waveform software and the instructions, and stopped selling the DV dongle. I had heard they were "sorta" working on a fix to this last summer, but "not their top priority".

I now have a ICOM 705 driving a ELECTRAFT KPA1500 at 400 watts out on DSTAR HF Voice. Great radio and amp. The water fall on the 705 helps on DSTAR. But not as good as the early version of SMARTSDR on DSTAR.

I remember a reporter asking a politician why he changed political parties. The politician said he did not leave the party... the party left him.


  • Dave K5OZ
    Dave K5OZ Member ✭✭


    Flex needs to get DSTAR capabilities back into their product. I would love to buy a transverter to get on our local DSTAR repeaters; however, this remains a dream.



  • I just got a 9700. They better not do it too soon ;-)

  • Kent Hufford
    Kent Hufford Member ✭✭

    I also have a ICOM 9700. Great radio for 2m,440,1.2ghz all mode and satellite work. I first bought a FLEX 660 and two transverters. This was still when the DSTAR waveform was working. The FLEX worked great on the local DSTAR repeaters and then thru reflectors.

    But, the 9700 does not do DSTAR HF Voice..

  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭


    What is the functionality gained by having DStar on your Flex? I am exploring how to enter into DStar and have looked at DStar computer access from home and handheld transceiver when mobile.

    Since the Flex and the computer are both "home" based, how does one compare to the other for functionality?

    Alan. WA9WUD

  • Kent Hufford
    Kent Hufford Member ✭✭

    If you want to try DSTAR, a USB DSTAR DV3000 AMBE stick is a cheap way to start. If FLEX ever gets the DSTAR waveform to work again, then you can plug it into your

    flex. Then you can talk over RF.

  • Lou KI5FTY
    Lou KI5FTY Member ✭✭

    What version did DSTAR stop working. Can we roll back to get DSTAR functionality?

  • Kent Hufford
    Kent Hufford Member ✭✭

    It worked completely OK with the last version of 1.****. Starting with 2.**** it introduced a small lag. I think the last working version of SSDR was about 2.4x

  • Lou KI5FTY
    Lou KI5FTY Member ✭✭


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