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Does SmartSDR for Mac fix the SmartSDR for Windows Bugs?

I'm stuck on SmartSDR for Windows version 2.4.10 at the direction of the help desk. Versions after that, including all Version 3 releases have a number of CW bugs. Does SmartSDR for Mac fix the SmartSDR for Windows Bugs?

With SmartSDR for MAC can I also use my Maestro for SmartControl?

I'd rather not have to buy a MAC to get the improvements, but nothing happening on the Windows front.


  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    I'd doubt the client application would have any bearing on the radio firmware. There -are- differences in the apps, but nothing that changes the base radio. I'm not sure what bugs you're referring to, but SSDR/Mac is not a "fix" for SSDR/Windows.

    Since Maestro is also a client, it doesn't matter what other clients you're using. There should be zero difference as far as Maestro is concerned.

    As a happy Mac user who manages a large Windows-based IT infrastructure, I am very glad not to have to mess with Microsoft at home (except when my wife's laptop acts up!).