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PGXL or 6600 problems?

K9SOK9SO Member ✭✭
edited June 2020 in Maestro
Operating a 6600 and Power Genius amp on v2.4.9 and then SmartLinking remotely using a Maestro.

All is well until suddenly I can't transmit. Good spectral display and I can change frequencies, bands, etc but I can't tune or transmit.

OK, when you operate remotely a lot you get used to bad and strange things happening sometimes.

I have to remotely power cycle both the Maestro and the radio to regain transmit, but when I do, none of my radios can see the Power Genius any more. I then have to access the PGXL utility program to fix it but since that program won't run remotely, I have to log onto a remote computer via TeamViewer and bring it up. As soon as I connect to the PGXL via the utility program, the amp turns back on and is then discoverable by the radios.

... but what a pain! In the middle of a contest this is devastating as it can take up to 15 minutes to clear everything up.

This always seems to happen at the worst possible times like when I'm chasing Cocos-Keeling on 80m this morning. By the time I fix things, they're gone. 

I sure hope I can get this resolved before the DX contest this weekend.

Remotely confused,


  • WX7YWX7Y Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 2020
    This is in my case most often caused by the router on my LAN DHCP resetting.
    The PGXL won't grab a new IP until a power reset, sometimes it helps to go into your router and assign a IP to the AMP, Radio, and Maestro's MAC address in the DHCP config if the Router has that option. 
    IF your radio is a 6600M then it has 2 IP-- MAC address's and may have the same issue.
    What happens is the radio can't see the AMP. 

    This is just a guess but my problems running my station remote has really gone down assigning the MAC address to the proper IP address. 


  • W5APW5AP Member
    edited November 2019
    I've had this issue as well

    But my main  interest with the PGXL is the utility only working in instantaneous mode....hard to tell your output in SSB. A slight peak and hold for a very short time would solve this. Would be a nice option, but alas who do I send requests to
  • WX7YWX7Y Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 2020
    If your running a released version of PGXL firmware then do a HELP ticket to FLEX RADIO.
    Yes it would be nice to have it read the PEAK for longer then a few milliseconds AND the PGXL utility would run remotely. 
    Remember the PGXL firmware is in VERY early stages of development and always being updated so mainly patience is your best option. 

  • KF4HRKF4HR Member ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Is the PC you're running SSDR on directly connected to your Router via an Ethernet Cable, or is connected via WiFi?  The reason I ask is, when my PC was connected to my Router via WiFi, upon SSDR startup my TUNE and MOX buttons would, on occasion, be grayed out and I couldn't transmit.  But since I've connected my PC directly to my Router via an Ethernet Cable I haven't had this issue.  Also when I was using a PC WiFi connection it would cause my SSDR Network indicator (green bars at lower right) to, on occasion, vary from full green to a lesser strength yellow indication.  But since incorporating the direct Ethernet connection, this Network indicator now always remains at full strength, green bars.
  • bahillenbahillen Member ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    This may not affect your configuration. Since I have connected my PGXL, Flex 6600, and computers directly to a switch my connection problems have improved 100%. Any event on the router or ISP would cause a loss of communication among my radio and computer equipment. The other significant improvement was to always use 5 GB WiFi. The external 5 GB stick has a better antenna not being crammed inside the computer. The 2.4 GB channels have all kinds of traffic you don’t even know is going on. 73 Bill W9JJB
  • K9SOK9SO Member ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Hi Guys,

    No, I'm not using WiFi ... everything is hard wired. I've had those experiences too!

    I never took the time to set up static IP addresses since everything has worked so well (until now). I don't want to do that while I'm away so I'll look into it when I return. That's probably what's going on with the PGXL discovery.

    Everything looks normal when this happens … no buttons grayed out or anything. It just won't key via the Maestro. It happens when I'm not transmitting too … so it's not an RF problem. It just randomly crashes, but partially. 

    I just set up a parallel path for my CW keying so I can now key paddle CW by two different pathways. Next time it happens I'll see if my alternate path can still key the radio. If so, it's a Maestro related issue.


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