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Mobile operation for hearing impaired user 6600?

Marcus8323 .Marcus8323 . Member
edited June 2018 in New Ideas
Because of my challenged hearing loss, I benefit hugely from DSP/High Sensitivity/Noise Reduction algorithms. I am interested in connecting with flex users who have used this radio in a mobile installation- mainly because it operates on 13.8VDC and does not require a power inverter for use. Im  interested in how this gear can handle being stored in a vehicle or operate in a wide variety of temperatures. For example a 10 degree day (F) or a 95 degree day. (F) What is most valuable to me is modification of receive bandwidth, filtering, noise reduction... so I can hear the weak ones using a mobile antenna setup. I would be installing this in a rack unit in a wheelchair van. Thats why I am interested in the a higher end unit like this. (ARRL insurance to be purchased of course)  My email is [email protected]   I want to reduce number of wires in an installation by reducing peripheral accessories, and I like the idea of  variations by software rather than external preamps and such. Simplicity.


  • roger na4rrroger na4rr Member
    edited June 2018
    I ran my 6700 in my 24 Axis class A RV in 2016 working NPOTA.  Drove from KeyWest to Utah and back to Pensacola(about 7,000 miles.  I used a 12 volt monitor.  I made around 16,000 contacts.  The radio worked great.  For unknown reasons would need to reset the radio every once in awhile The highest ambient temp was 106F in Amarillo, Tx. I also had a hex beam I set up when stationary.  Used Little Tarheel when mot on the big antenna.  Hope this helps.rogerna4rr
  • edited June 2018
    In that I, too, suffer from sigificant hearing loss (mostly on the high & medium) I can readlily see the advantage of the 6600M in a mobile operation. While I don't run mobile at all, I do know the complications that are involved in HF mobile, especially with a decent sized rig like the Flex.  I'd be quite interested in hearing about your success & maybe even work you on the air! Best of luck with the project. The 6600M is an excellent choice!!


  • Marcus8323 .Marcus8323 . Member
    edited June 2018
    Thank you for writing. I hope to gather info about this.
  • Marcus8323 .Marcus8323 . Member
    edited June 2018
    Hi there. How long a period of time did this take?    Im super interested in finding this out. Also what is the coldest temperature you experienced?
  • roger na4rrroger na4rr Member
    edited June 2018
    Not sure what you re asking on how long it took.  The best I can remember the coldest ambient temp was around 25F.  I could set up the hex in about 15 min of that was the time question. Of course I've put the hex together literally 100's of time.


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