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Flex 6600 with Dogpark SDR

Hello all, I am currently considering putting down a deposit for a Flex 6600.  I am new to amateur radio and my first rig is a ICOM7300, the plan would be to run the FLEX with Dogpark SDR , upgrading to a  Maestro at a later date . My question is how does Dogpark SDR compare to the offering from Flex and will it "hobble" my use of the Flex 6600.  Thanks, Richard Hubbard (2E0EFS)


  • K3DCW
    K3DCW Member ✭✭
    edited April 2019

    The answer is "it depends".  dpSDR supports most of the features, but if you normally would use something like DAX or the CAT features in SmartSDR for Windows, then you might miss them in OS X. If you're a digital fan, then you'll have to work through a couple of (small) configurations to get everything working together, but it has all been documented and done before. For most day-to-day uses, it works wonderfully. 

    dpSDR also offers some neat features not yet found in SmartSDR for Windows, such as the DX spots showing up right on the waterfall (if you're using MacLoggerDX as well).  Perhaps those who've been around longer can tell you just how much they've asked for that feature in Windows, but it has yet to happen.

    I bounce between dpSDR, SmartSDR for Windows and SmartSDR for iOS without missing a beat; it all depends upon which computer I'm at.  I've contested from macOS using dpSDR, and I've done it from Windows and the iOS app; I haven't felt like I'm missing anything.  


  • Richard Hubbard
    edited May 2017
    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated and very helpful. I am pretty torn between the Flex and the K3s, however in my limited knowledge, the option path of the K3s makes it more expensive, where  as the Flex6600  appears to come "fully loaded" and I can run it with Dogpark software on a Mac which I already have. 



  • K3DCW
    K3DCW Member ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    I had a K3, pretty well loaded.  I sold it and used the funds to purchase my Flex.  I enjoy the flexibility that the Flex offers, not that the K3 wasn't flexible.  I ran my K3 in Windows, Linux and OS X/macOS, and it worked great; but I simply prefer the Flex. 

    If you pull the trigger on the Flex, you won't regret it and you won't regret using dpSDR. It is an outstanding piece of software.  
  • Richard Hubbard
    edited May 2017
  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020
    I run my 6500 daily with DogparkSDR. Works great. Will be transitioning to a 6600 later this year, and don't expect any issues. Dave's comments are spot on. Don (DogPark developer) is extremely responsive and writes great code. I understand he is committed to the SmartLink features of 2.0, also. At the moment, DPSDR does not support all features of the Flex, but I believe most/all are on the roadmap. You probably will continue to need access to a Windows device for firmware upgrades. You will also need (as Dave pointed out) to consider DAX/CAT replacements, as those apps are Windows-only. There are several good ways to go. I have zero difficulty with digital mode audio or rig control on my Mac. It's probably been a year at least since I last used SSDR for Windows to make a contact. I'm an active operator and really enjoy running with the Mac. So relieved not to have all the crazy Windows issues I read horror stories about. Once you get your Flex, try Don's demo version before paying, and see how you like it. PS - there is absolutely nothing wrong with running SSDR in a virtual machine if that works for you. It's a fine, solid app with great flexibility. Try both! Good luck and welcome!
  • Richard Hubbard
    edited May 2017
    Thanks George for all the great advice. I am sold on the 6600 now, I am keen to run native Mac software, having had problems with HRD on a virtual windows machine. I do use Mac Logger and find the software from Dogpark solid. Really looking forward to the 6600 release.

    Best regards,

    Richard Hubbard.
  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Can do a lot with Mac's and Flex radios

    using multiple macs with flex radio..one with dpsdr and mldx and other with VM running win 7 and dax/cat/cwskimmer


    using an USB audio dongle to route audio for cocoa modem and the mac digital s/w with dpsdr and flex 6300


    with this kind of capability and Don's programming ability, i said why not....

    so i have decided to upgrade to 6600M

    Paul K3SF

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