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For any of you running DX4WIN, have you gotten it working with 1.6 yet?

Duane_AC5AA Member ✭✭
edited May 2018 in Third-Party Software
Maybe I'm wrong on this, but the only way to make Flex work with DX4WIN in the past was to be sure to have Slice A and Slice B open. Now, with 1.6 and each slice individually owning a COM port, that workaround doesn't work any longer. Has anyone gotten them talking yet?


  • Barry J Cohen
    Barry J Cohen Member
    edited May 2017
    I have spent 5 hours trying EVERY combination of Kenwood and every possible RTS DTR check and uncheck and both 9600 baud and 38400 and NOTHING works... Please include me or send email direct to [email protected] . There is no way to change the characteristics of the port settings like the n-8-1-2 etc?
    The only programs I have tried that will connect and switch properly on RTTY when a spot is clicked is N1MM in RTTY contest mode.! Just for kicks downloaded DXLabs which would require me another multi month learning curve which I am not ready to attack at this time as I use MiLog by K7MI for the last 17 years and everything connects and works fined except for the DXCluster when you click on a RTTY spot the Radio mode goes to DGTL which is no good as it needs to go to RTTY.  Any help would be appreciated on trying DX4Win which is the other logging program that is on my machine licensed and works but won't connect to the FLEX 6300. In the CAT control it recognizes its connected to DX4Win but it won't control frequency , mode or anything,
  • Doug Hall
    Doug Hall Member ✭✭
    edited February 2017
  • Duane_AC5AA
    Duane_AC5AA Member ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Thanks, Doug. That gets most of the DX4WIN stuff working. As I expected, it has to do with expecting VFO A and VFO B. What remains broken is the ability to spot split operations and, while I haven't tested for it yet, I suspect jumping on a spot with a split frequency probably also doesn't work. But I really like the ability NOT to have to run a Slice B to have DX4WIN work because SSDR always reverts back to Slice B being the active one when you return to a band. So, we're partway there. Still, I may just move to a more modern logger that still has support rather than one that was terrific but is falling way behind.
  • Steve Gw0gei
    Steve Gw0gei Member ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    I was on logger32 for last ten years or so but moved to dx lab two months ago after a couple of previous dabbles with it. Main reason was it is more interfaced with the flex radios and doesn't use the cat interface. The support from the author is excellent on a daily basis although the documentation is so good I have not had to take up any support . It does take a bit of set up but on,y took me a couple of days playing with it to get the basics working. Have now got eqsl and club log and lotw exports going well and will be setting up the data side for tx soon and getting the interface with wsjt-X working. I would recommend it as its worth the effort and should be good for a number of years if the support level continues . 73 Steve gw0gei / gw9j
  • Duane_AC5AA
    Duane_AC5AA Member ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Just tested Neal's new rig file, and it fixes some things nicely. I do note that Split operation is not supported from cluster spots, neither jumping on a spot or attempting to spot using split mode. It will jump, but only open an A slice, and often (always?) have TX disabled. And an odd anomaly about jumping on spots - when jumping to a new band, the original slice is left open and running with the audio on, and it is renumbered to the next available slice because the new jumped on frequency gets labeled Slice A. It would be great to get that fixed too, but I know that Neal is already doing things that he doesn't need to do. Thanks, Neal - it's much appreciated!
  • Duane_AC5AA
    Duane_AC5AA Member ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Thanks, Steve - I tested it for a while a few months back and there was something that didn't work the way I'd like it to - I forget now what that was. I'm currently looking at Log4OM, and if I can figure a way around some of its missing features, just may move to it. One big advantage to other loggers is the use of a standard format database rather than a proprietary one.

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