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TX Delay with Flex6600M & WSJT-X on a MAC


My setup is a M2 Mac Mini and a Flex 6600M. I'm running the latest version of software across the board.

I'm running SmartSDR, xCat, XDax, Loopback, WSJT-X and Gridtracker. I have 4 slices and 4 instances of WSJT-X running. I have this rather long delay before transmitting.

I click on Tune (or Enable TX) and it can take anywhere from 5-9 seconds before the radio starts to transmit and send a tone. In WSJT-X, under Radio, I have it set to Flex Radio 6xxx. CAT is pointed to xCat and Test CAT works. After Test CAT turns green the PTT is then enabled and when I click that button and the radio instantly keys up but does not transmit. I can click PTT on and off multiples in a row and it is instant. Once I go back to try and use Tune of Enable TX I get the delay.

This issue occurs across all 4 slices. It also occurs if I only bring up a single slice and a single instance of WSJT-X.

I've read others have ran into this issue on Windows but has anyone seen this on Mac?



  • Gordon, ve7on
    Gordon, ve7on Member ✭✭

    You did not mention what processor and how much RAM is in your Mini. It seems that you are greatly overloading the computer. How does it handle only one slice? If it is better then thats the problem.

  • johnn1jm
    johnn1jm Member ✭✭

    You might look at Activity Monitor and see how much cpu and memory is being used at that time.

    John N1JM

  • bsachnoff
    bsachnoff Member ✭✭

    M2 Pro with 32 gig of ram and 1 TB NVME. Memory and Proc looks fine according to TOP. This issue occurs with any number of panadapters and/or wsjt-x instances.

  • bsachnoff
    bsachnoff Member ✭✭

    M2 Pro with 32 gig of ram and 1 TB NVME.

    Processes: 580 total, 4 running, 576 sleeping, 2975 threads            13:21:55

    Load Avg: 3.18, 3.62, 4.38  CPU usage: 13.77% user, 5.36% sys, 80.86% idle

    SharedLibs: 1065M resident, 158M data, 89M linkedit.

    MemRegions: 260232 total, 6370M resident, 847M private, 5718M shared.

    PhysMem: 23G used (2653M wired, 0B compressor), 8752M unused.

    VM: 235T vsize, 4921M framework vsize, 0(0) swapins, 0(0) swapouts.

    Networks: packets: 1702719/834M in, 315611/81M out.

    Disks: 311732/7971M read, 146208/2056M written.

    Things look good to me. This issue occurs regardless of how many panadapter and wsjtx instances I have running.

  • km8v
    km8v Member ✭✭

    Do you have a TX Delay set in WSJT-X?

  • bsachnoff
    bsachnoff Member ✭✭

    The default of 0.2 is set.