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Smart SDR's integrated ft8 client verses WSJTx?

ai5os Member
I use SSDR for mac, and I also use the mac native client for WSJTx when I want to do ft8. I notice that the SSDR built-in integrated client seems to work much slower than does WSJTX when I use another radio like my Kenwood 590S, or my Elecraft k3. All radios are connected to the same antenna system, as they are use a single input that goes through my expert 1.5KFA. It is important to note that I don't use the amplifier with ft8, but while in standby, it will switch to the appropriate antenna for the band that I am using with ft8. I have considered trying to integrate SSDR, and WSJTX together, but the most recent post that I've seen on this is from 2022, where I'd have to use XCAT, XDAX, and SSDR, is this still true? At any rate, I'm wondering if anybody else has noticed this as well.