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Replaced my busted PC for a brand new iMac running smart SDR for Mac but “no Internet access”?!?!

DrJ Member ✭✭
edited April 29 in SmartSDR for Mac

I have been a Flexradio fan for at least 10 years. My previous PC using Windows 10 and SmartSDR worked fairly good for several users. Loved operating remotely through my IPAD or iPhone as well! I am ready to put up a new tower and antennas next week, (tornado last year), but when my PC hard drive crashed I had to buy a new desktop. I decided to go MAC. (Like the SmartSDR for Mac and it’s integration of all the Genius peripherals)

PROBLEM: i took everything apart and offline to clean things up for big project and now when i booted up new IMac (M1 using 13+ Ventura os) , despite ;

  1. connecting my 6600M, 6700, PGXL, and PGXL directly from their Ethernet RJ45 jack to my multiport network switch. Good electrical connections confirmed. 
  2. Connected my IMac to my Ethernet LAN jack directly. The Ethernet shows up on my router around 192.168.0.****
  3. I then connect all Coaxial cable and power connections between these peripherals (checked proper connections no less than 10 times given my 36 hours of frustration)
  4. I purposely left out my Antenna Genius 8x2 for the time being because I believe that it got “bricked” when my hard drive crashed. Either way, I used another PC as well as my new IMac running Parallels for Windows 11, I downloaded the latest firmware for AG, no joy. Tried the unbricking procedure and no joy. I will try to fix that later after I may consider contacting Flex since I bought it new a couple of years ago but it took a year to get to me.
  5. HOWEVER even leaving out the AG for now, I can’t get either radio to access the internet, despite my IMac accesses internet on same circuitry either directly through Ethernet RJ45 to computer or WiFi. I did what Flex recommends, connecting my Ethernet cable to my Network switch, then also connect all the above peripherals and radios. My radios and PGXL and TGXL show up on my router list if ip addresses, but when I try to use MacSDR to connect to radios, nothing is seen, or they are on their 169.****.****.xx addressed but “not connected to internet “. Even when I directly hook the RJ Ethernet directly to the radio, it shows its correct ip address but still no connection between the radio and PGXL or TGXL?!?! 
  6. This is so confusing. My iMac connects to the internet well and speed checks are phenomenal on Ethernet and WiFi. 
  7. Am I doing something obviously ignorant? I don’t put it past me! I am a computer beginner but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. 
  8. Should I try a new PC? Even though I downloaded latest PC SDR from Flex and it won’t run due to “missing drivers” despite reinstalling per the instructions a few times. Is it because I am under Parallels for Windows 11? But neither SDR program works. 
  9. I will wait to fix this problem before introducing my AG 2x8 to my integration. It maybe it’s because I am leaving the AG out of it for now? Either way, I am frustrated and spent 1 1/2 full days away from family when nothing accomplished. 
  10. The new tower and antennas go up in two weeks. So I really need some help. Even it I did a lamebrain maneuver! Help needed!
  11. Thanks! Keith KJ8DO


  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭
    • Do all the IP addresses of the iMac and rgw radio devices appear on the same network? i.e. do they all start with "192.168.0"? If the iMac and the radios are all connected to the same network switch, and that switch IS the ISP-connected router or is connected to your ISP-connected router amd they are all on the same IP network, they should certainly talk to each other.
    • Are the network devides all assigned static orr dynamioc IP addresses? You should check each device's IP configuration to see what the IP address is, and how it is acquired. Perhaps give us a layout plan of your network and its devices (routers, switches, computer, radios,etc).
    • Forgive me if this is all obvious to you and you have done all that.