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Power Genius XL v3.8.8 Firmware and Utility are Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited March 27 in Message Board

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.8.8 and Power Genius Utility. Power Genius XL v3.8.8 is a general release intended for all Power Genius XL amplifiers. We highly recommend upgrading to the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.8.8 as soon as possible.

NOTE: The Power Genius XL firmware is now fully integrated into the Power Genius Utility, eliminating the need for a separate firmware download. Please review the Power Genius XL v3.8.8 Release Notes before installing the new Power Genius Utility and firmware to ensure an optimal software installation experience. 

Do not use previous versions of the Power Genius Utility with the latest version of the Power Genius XL firmware. Always use the Power Genius Utility provided with the Power Genius XL firmware upgrade.

The Power Genius XL v3.8.8 Utility/Firmware can be downloaded from the FlexRadio website. 

The updated Power Genius XL User Guide for release v3.8.8 is also available for download from the FlexRadio website. 


The following are highlights for the Power Genius XL v3.8.8 Release:

Improvements to the RF EARLY Alarm: An "early" time display has been added to the RF EARLY alarm to improve timing awareness. 


Significant Bug Fixes

General Enhancements for Non-Flex Users: Resolved sequencing and Push-to-Talk (PTT) errors for a smoother operation with non-Flex exciters.

DHCP Timing: Increased the DHCP server discovery time to ensure network connectivity.

APC False Trips: Addressed a bug that led to false Automatic Power Control (APC) trip notifications.

CAT Restriction: Limited CAT system implementation exclusively to VFO A to streamline operations. The PGXL will ignore any CAT commands specifically related to VFO B on the exciters. This does not apply to FLEX-6000 exciters.

Band Data Display: Enhanced the front panel display logic to prevent the "No band data" message. The display now consistently shows Flex radio identification, even when the radio is off.