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Heil headset PSE-6 works with Maestro B, but not Maestro C. What can I do to fix this?

rssutton9 Member ✭✭

The PSE-6 works fine on the Maestro B, but not on the Maestro C, even with the TRS-TRRA adaptor. The earphones are fine, but not the mic. I've tried different mic profiles to no avail. Do I need to buy a new headset? If so, what works well with both B and C Maestros?

Stan KE4RS

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  • Russ Ravella
    Russ Ravella Member ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi Stan,

    There's a lot of discussion about this problem on the reflectors right now due to Flex having chosen a connector type with the Maestro-C that isn't commonly used in Ham Radio, a CTIA configured TRRS plug. There were similar complaints about their connector choices with their 6000 series radios and the previous Maestros through the years.

    People are especially having trouble with Heil headsets. And typically, Flex chooses to deflect the problem instructing customers to find their own solutions with silly quips like Mike Walker's, "They [Heil] are in the business of connecting headsets to radios. FlexRadio is in the business of building radios." as if Flex weren't responsible for their poor connector choice. Flex Radio's very disappointing typically irresponsible response to problems of their own making.

    I provide the above information as background to my answer to your question which is, as it stands you're on your own. Mike Walker actually recommends mutilating your headset as an acceptable solution and formal answer to this question on this forum as stated here:


    and others recommend building your own adapter. There's useful information in that link for doing so if you so choose. Hopefully, headset manufactures will eventually produce commercial quality adapters but that can take years. Be careful if you make your own not to damage your Maestro in the process while trying things out.

    Good Luck ! Russ KR6W


  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 24

    So Stan the problem is that if your using the FLEX or Amazon Y splitter when you plug in the Heil Headsets Mono 1/8" (3.5mm) MIC connector to the Pink Y connector the Ring is shorted to ground and for some reason it also shorts the Tip of the connector which is the MIC + audio from the Headset, so what needs to happen by hook or by crook is to somehow change what goes into the Y audio cable to a 1/8" TRS connection with OUT the Ring connection being connected to anything including a Mono 1/8" TS Connection and cutting up a $300 headset.

    I opted to modify the Amazon $7.50 Y cable so it would work with the Heil Headset instead of chopping up the Heil head set cable.

    This is a 1/8" TRS Female connector with just the TIP and Sleeve connected, Weird thing is the Pink end on the Y cable is the same connection so it should work as normal for the FLEX hand MIC that the 6600/6400 use as well as with the Heil head sets. The original Y Cables Pink connector MUST have the Ring and Tip shorted together WHICH IS WRONG and shorts to ground when a TS Headset connector is plugged in. Sorry for the way it looks as my Heat shrink collection is dwindling and this is a Chassis mount 1/8" TRS socket and I used my Junk box for parts and only took about 15 minutes to build up.

  • rssutton9
    rssutton9 Member ✭✭


    Thank you for your quick response. You've solved my problem. I will build an adapter so I will be able to use the Heil headset on both the Maestro A and B. From an engineering standpoint Flex's choice of connectors makes sense; from a marketing standpoint it's foolish. Better documentation, especially the specific differences between the B and C would be helpful. Nevertheless, your answer solves the problem.


    Stan KE4RS

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