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SmartSDR v3.7.4 is Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited March 12 in Message Board

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v3.7.4.

VERY IMPORTANT: This "hot fix" release is required for ALL Maestro C units where the radio is licensed for SmartSDR v3 (there is a corresponding release for v2). This release resolves a critical issue that results in the Maestro C failing to boot. Please install SmartSDR v3.7.4 as soon as possible!!!

FlexRadio highly recommends upgrading to SmartSDR v3.7.4 at your earliest convenience and strongly recommends not reverting to any previous versions of SmartSDR v3 to ensure the issues fixed in this release do not reoccur.  

SmartSDR 3.7.4 can be downloaded from the FlexRadio website. SmartSDR v3.7.4 is a hot fix release containing important software bug fixes for version 3 of SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR for M models, SmartSDR CAT, and DAX.

Please download and review the SmartSDR v3.7.4 Release Notes included with the release package before installing SmartSDR v3.7.4 on your FLEX-6000.


IMPORTANT: The SmartSDR for Windows Installer software has increased in size.

Important: To better support current and future hardware products, starting with SmartSDR v3.6.8, the file size of the SmartSSDR for Windows installer software package has increased. We have made improvements to the file distribution infrastructure for faster downloads globally. Please exercise patience if it takes a little longer to download the SmartSDR for Windows installer software. 


Release Highlights for SmartSDR v3.7.4

Hot Fix for Maestro C - Updated Maestro “C" Windows operating system’s user credentials to prevent future Maestro boot problems [SMART-10129].


The SmartSDR v3.7.4 Changelog:

Please refer to the SmartSDR v3 Changelog for a complete listing of changes in the SmartSDR v3.7.4 release. https://www.flexradio.com/software/smartsdr_v3_changelog/