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6600M One Drive Error


My 6600M running version 3.6.8 began showing a One Drive error shortly after booting up recently. (Screenshot attached) Simply pressing OK on the error makes it go away, but it returns on the next boot up. Is there a way to access the Windows OS and remove One Drive altogether? Or, is this a bug that will be fixed in an update? Did not see anything about it in the 3.7.3 release notes. Don't see the need for One Drive on the 6600M.


Brad, N4PYI


  • Jon N4BRJ
    Jon N4BRJ Member
    Several of us started getting the same thing on the same day. I opened a ticket about it and support had me reset the radio and front panel. I don't use my "M" in conjunction with a computer so there was no backup/restore of profiles (and potentially a corrupt profile) so they had to be re-created manually. This morning it re-occured so I've had to re-open my ticket.

    Jon, N4BRJ
  • ka9ees
    ka9ees Member ✭✭✭

    @Jon N4BRJ

    I noticed it yesterday again. I had disconnected SmartSDR via SmartSDR for iOS.

  • Bob Beatty
    Bob Beatty Member
    [{"insert":"Same thing here - OneDrive error popup with the 6600M radio itself. It doesn't show on the remote Maestro.\nDoing a full reset does NOT fix the problem. In my case started showing up with Version 3.7.3.\n\nI don't see any reason why OneDrive should be used and frankly it seems to be a security risk to me.\n\nBob, WB4SON\n"}]
  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    It's an update that Microsoft is trying to push to devices that don't have the latest version of One Drive. The M model radios and the Maestro are not supposed to be able to take any updates from Microsoft. Flex Radio reviews updates from Microsoft and if they are needed, then Flex Radio may include them in a maintenance release. Unfortunately, it appears Microsoft can still force updates even to systems that are supposed to be locked down and not able to take the updates.



  • Brad Adams (N4PYI)
    Brad Adams (N4PYI) Member ✭✭
    edited March 10

    My older A model Maestro does not exhibit this problem, so I have to believe it is a Windows OS issue. There used to be a way to access the Windows OS on the older Maestros, I would like to know if there is a way on the M models. It would be really easy to remove one drive, and stop the auto update issue with group policy and task scheduler.

    Thanks for all the comments, I will not be resetting my M Model! Maybe Tim will weigh in.

    Brad, N4PYI

  • Mike Steventon
    Mike Steventon Member ✭✭✭

    I was just about to upload a photo of the "error" message that keeps popping up on the front display of my 6600M, when I saw and read this discussion.

    Likewise, I just press "ok" to remove it, and carry on as if it has not happened. It keeps coming up though, each time I use the radio.

    I am running on Mac OS and have no interest in Microsoft one-drive, whatever that is!

    It must be a software glitch introduced with the latest update from Flex???

    Mike G4GWH

  • Virgil K7VZ
    Virgil K7VZ Member
    I'm getting the OneDrive error on a Flex 6600M with SmartSDR 3.7.3.
  • NA7AA Tom
    NA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    Add me to the list. No issues until I updated to newest SDR Software


  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    Are Flex on the brink of fixing this, does anyone know? This issue has got worse for me starting today. Previously I would get it at boot up, press 'OK' and carry on without further problem until the next time. But now, at boot up the radio misbehaves on FT8 TX and I also notice a slight delay on accessing the on-screen menu (6400M). After 5 to 10 minutes of this, the error box then shows, I press 'OK' and the radio resumes proper operation without menu delay and without problems with FT8 TX. It is like the OS in the radio is processing something for 5 to 10 minutes at the expense of smooth operation.

    I suppose I shall have to revert to a previous SSDR version unless there is some word of imminent resolution?

  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    Since posting the above I have not experienced the issue. Self-corrected maybe? I don't know but I have booted many times and all is back to normal.

  • NA7AA Tom
    NA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    I leave my radio on over night and when returning in the morning, it’s there again.

    We need to wait for Flex to address this, but in the meantime it’s an irrelevant not a showstopper.



  • NA7AA Tom
    NA7AA Tom Member ✭✭


  • Eric-KE5DTO
    Eric-KE5DTO Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited March 12

    We are aware of this issue and are working towards a fix.

    To answer a few questions before they get asked:

    • The v3.7.4 release (and v2.12.1) coming out today do NOT address this problem. This release was already in progress prior to a full understanding of the OneDrive popup issue (SMART-10126).
    • SmartSDR does NOT use OneDrive on any product.
    • Microsoft is using mechanisms outside of Windows Update to deliver things like this to the disappointment of MANY folks like us using the Enterprise version of their OS.
    • Downgrading to earlier versions is unlikely to change the behavior since it is related to the OS and not the SmartSDR software itself.
    • Until our fix has passed our rigorous testing, I can't comment on when it will make it into a release. We do appreciate that this is an annoyance.
  • Rick  WN2C
    Rick WN2C Member ✭✭

    Same problem here. 6400M

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