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Diversity Reception Doesn't Work with AG v3.1.5 and TGXL v1.1.20

Russ Ravella
Russ Ravella Member ✭✭✭
edited February 20 in Antenna Genius

I'm hoping Dave WO2X can respond to this but any feedback would be appreciated.

I just rolled back my AG and TGXL versions to v3.1.5 and v1.1.20 respectively. I followed Dave's rollback guidelines including all power off/on and rebooting suggestions. I have "Disable Band Protection" checked.

In SO2R mode, when I select "DIV" or manually set the "RX ANT" selection on a slice to a different antenna (say change from ANT 1 to ANT 2), the PGXL, TGXL and AG all fail to recognize the setting and choose the appropriate band and antenna on the chosen side ("B" side in this case). They all remain with no selection on that side unless I choose a different antenna with the "TX ANT" selection. Then all three DO respect that selection appropriately (that is, they work with TX but not RX antenna selections).

This used to work properly with the AG v4 (and appropriate TGXL) software. Is this a bug ?

Also, with all 403A device f/w versions all three devices (PGXL, TGXL and AG) fail to follow ANT or Band changes when in MultiFlex mode with the Maestro. So if a slice set to be the "TX" slice in SSDR is set to 20M and it's RX and TX antennas to "ANT 1", then a Maestro is connected to the same radio with a "TX" slice set (or changed) do a different Band or ANT, the 4O3A devices do not change with the selection. I believe this is one of the many remaining basic MultiFlex bugs ?

Thanks, Russ KR6W

Best Answer

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator
    Answer ✓

    Ok, I didn’t realize about the Inband bug on 3.1.5.

    I found on 4.1.7 that once. i go to each band where I have multiple antennas I just toggle RX to the opposite and back then next time both RX and TX are set to last antenna selected.

    73 Dave wo2x


  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Russ,

    For the first part, I am running AG 4.1.7/TG 1.2.11 now. When I disable band protection (in 3.1.5 the checkbox would be checked), I can click diversity and it creates slice B on my second 20 meter antenna. (P.S. - I normally use band protection due to close proximity of antennas). I checked and original antenna was still on slice A as well as TX antenna. Slice B had second antenna.

    Not sure of the 3.1.5 configuration and this may be a question for 4O3A. They were on Holiday but are back in the office.

    For the MultiFlex question, I do not have my Maestro here now but try this. From Maestro and make band change. momentarily hit MOX or CW key. The 4O3A equipment should then switch. I believe the switch of bands/tuning will not happen until TX is asserted. Kind of makes sense if you are just band hopping and don't want relays to be over worked.

    Let me know how you make out. Feel free to contact me at my work email and we can chat more.

    73 Dave wo2x


  • Russ Ravella
    Russ Ravella Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks as always for the response !

    Yes, as I mentioned in my post, switching to DIV and having the resulting RX antenna switch to "ANT2" DOES work in the v4 versions with band protection disabled. The previous AG v4 version actually DIDN'T work because Marko hadn't included a band protection option yet. But he added it in response and had me test it and it works great. Unfortunately, there are other issues so I switched back to v3.1.5/v1.1.20. It doesn't work in those versions.

    Regarding MultiFlex with v3.1.5/v1.1.20, thanks very much for the suggestion. What I'm seeing is a little weird but workable - hitting MOX on a "MultiFlex station" slice does indeed set the PGXL and TGXL to the band that slice is on. But to get the AG to switch, I have to ALSO hit the "which slice is set to be the TX slice" TX button on the slice. If it's already selected on that slice, toggling on and off causes the AG to switch. So both MOX and "TX on the slice" are required. That seems to be a bug; why wouldn't they ALL just switch with MOX ?

    I already have a question in to Marko on v4 - it's been almost a month now - but I'll ask him about this per your suggestion too.

    Thanks ! Russ KR6W

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