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TX Assignment to Slice

Glenn Depp
Glenn Depp Member ✭✭
edited February 20 in SmartSDR API

Is there a command that a program can send to the SmartCAT or any other way that can move TX functioning to a different SLICE or perhaps disable TX so no slice has it established?

I ask this as when running ALE on a FLEX there are relay clicking constantly with the changing of frequencies, the changing of the WIDE filtering and with varying levels of RF Gain. When there is NO TX assigned to the SLICE that is being controlled by ALE there is NO clicking which SHOULD be the desired outcome, a silent scan.

Currently when I do scan ALE I have 4 slices open, 3 on static channels locked in and one scanning. I MUST manually move the TX functioning to one of the 3 non-scanning channels or my radio clicks. Also after I complete a link in ALE, the TX functioning STAYS on that slice once again causing the clicking.

So. Is there some command that can be used to move or disable the TX functioning automatically?


  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭


    Command to change the TX slice:

    "slice set 0 tx=1"

    This command changes slice set number 0 to tx slice. If running one client, slice set numbers align to Slice Letters: 0(A), 1(B), 2(C), and 3(D)

    Also, if you want to disable the slice TX, use "...tx=0"

    Alan WA9WUD

  • Glenn Depp
    Glenn Depp Member ✭✭

    I hope this will help the programmer of the ALE software. Now I wish Flex would implement a way to disable the automatic Wide Filtering when on or near an Amateur Band. This is also an issue that it seems like they care little about by prior comments they made, although it would make a big difference.

  • John WA7UAR
    John WA7UAR Member ✭✭✭

    @Glenn Depp - which ALE are you running? MARS-ALE or maybe ION2G?

    I know the developers for both products.

    MARS-ALE did release a specific version for Flex users that sets a TX slice of 2.000 MHz while scanning through other RX slices. This was supposed to keep clicking to a minimum.

    ION2G Does something similar but they choose to keep the TX frequency at the last one chosen for transmission. Changing it each time. But still keeping the TX slice fixed while rotating through RX slices.

    The MARS-ALE program for Flex is on its own Groups IO page… and you need to be a member to get at it:

    Or contact me and authenticate and I can help you acquire it.

    Cheers, John

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