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FT8 on QO-100 with SmartSDR on MAC

in the previous post I described my station configuration, so I won't go into detail here.

I have a problem with using FT8 on QO-100 on my Flex 6600.
I use two slices for Full Duplex operation. And it works perfect for SSB. This is my current setup.
Slice A is TX, set to XVTB, through a set of transverters and PA to the Dish.
Slice B is RX, set to RX_A, through a downconverter to the LNB.
I use the Sync Slice A with Slice B option with the apropriate offset (aprox. 8Ghz), so that both slices are synced and work together.
I can use this setup to have a full duplex solution and it works great.

However, I can’t do FT8. If I try to use this setup, I have either Slice A or Slice B assigned to the correct DAX channel. so I can either receive FT8 on slice B or transmit FT8 on Slice A, but not both. I don’t need Full Duplex for FT8, but I can’t see another way of achieving this.
Solution 1: would be IF i could work split in the SAME Slice, with the 8Ghz offset between TX & RX
Solution 2: would be IF i could send both slices to DAX 1 (Slice A for TX on DAX 1, Slice B for RX on DAX 1)
Solution 3: would be IF i could assign different DAX chanels in the FT8 app, for TX and RX, so that I could have Slice A to DAX 1, Slice B to DAX 2 and in the FT8 app set RX to DAX 2 and TX to DAX 1.

None of these solutions work as of now, and I can’t think of a different way of doing it.

I've sent this info to Marcus, and I'm waiting for his input.
If you have any ideeas, I'm opened to suggestions.


  • LZ2BE
    LZ2BE Member ✭✭

    Hi Paul,

    I have similar setup but Windows 10. Slice master will open 2 sessions of WSJT-X on slice A and B. They will be set by default to use DAX RX1 (A) and DAX RX2 (B) and both to DAX TX. You have to change Slice-A WSJT Audio RX settings to DAX RX2.

    In this case you will make QSOs with WSJT-x on slice A and WSJT-x on Slice B will be for monitoring.

    I would recommend WSJT-X improved version by DG2YCB which is full duplex capable and you need to open only one WSJT-x session WSJT-X improved supports full-duplex - Software - AMSAT-DL Forum

    73 Boyan

  • paul.m
    paul.m Member
    Interesting. Thanks for the input.
    I use the integrated FT8 app, that's inside SmartSDR for Mac.
    I just followed the link and found the improved version, also for Mac.
    I will give that a go and see how it works.