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Product update? 6700 series

steve Member ✭✭

Is there a possibility for an update on the 6700 - used to be the Rolls Royce of FLEX RADIO line ...now it seems to fallen into the recycle bin, and make it if requested. It seems the series 6700 is over after a 10-year run. The major push/price reduction seems to be the 6400 and 6600 "M" or no "M" series. The 6700 does not even warrant a price break. Wishing to get the best of the best- yet the BEST at one time ...🤔

Almost a HAM license holder, yet waiting for a NEW Radio... Yes, the 6400/6600 would work, yet why not go for the Rolls-Royce of radios?

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  • Pete La
    Pete La Member ✭✭

    They have stopped production of the 6700. I don't know how long they will be able to support it.

    Pete K1OYQ

  • Martin AA6E
    Martin AA6E Member ✭✭✭

    In many ways, the 6500/6700 are (were) pretty close to the ideal 100 watt HF rigs. What improvements would be worth paying $5-10K for a new premium model?

    I'd like more software flexibility. Built-in wsjtx, logging, better supported APIs, GPS/NTPD integration, ...

    Personally, I'm not eager for more contesting support or better remote options, but they have important constituencies.

    Point is, it's mostly about software.

    73 Martin AA6E

  • steve
    steve Member ✭✭

    In the knowledge that more is not better, maybe a surprise is in the works.

    Artificial intelligence takes over and we just say it. What has Flex done recently in the area of NEW hardware? OR is the software KING..hats off to Tim who seems to be Mr.Knowledge - give him a RAISE, some time off, and a PAID vacation.

    The software does make all this work and maybe version 4.0 will be the surprise super upgrade anyone could ever use. I just thought with no new hardware released - that was some new hardware other than the option of an iPad screen on attached or not on models (6400-6600).

    My only problem with the amateur radio HAMs I know in my area is embedded with the idea of an OLD (home stereo box) world...they want buttons and reading glasses and remember when there used to be VHS tapes and VCRs...I'm left with very few newbies and SDR ideas and the obvious solution for a BOX doesn't upgrade very well, the software does.

    (I also am in that group - aged, yet in my video editing corporate days, I would have 10 video tapes sitting ready to be watched or add a time-code transfer to a copy, and when editing is that tape 3 or tape 5 to make a video edit? The software/hardware and nonlinear video editing and many other improvements remind me of FLEX as the DSR KING as compared to AVID as the first MAJOR desktop tape-less video editing that paved the way for many new and easier options to explore in the late '90s.

    Onward with new hardware ideas and software and AI controls, because at times of what I've seen with software, where is that control or window, or did I remember to switch to transmit and want to filter something and OLD people syndrome of shaky mouse pointer and missed the window box on the software control.

    Maybe Artificial Intelligence and affiliation/contract with BAE - Raytheon - U.S. Airforce would bring new ideas of software and hardware.

  • I just traded my 10 y.o. 6700 for a 6600. I never found a use for 8 slices. Had to redo a bunch of cables but other than that swap was seamless and performance seems identical.

    What's next? Software has been relatively stagnant for a few years with the exception of the fantastic support for low latency Windows audio. Competition is catching up on hardware and Flex is stuck in a rut on partial support for remote operation and CW. Some very cool new DSP features on the government side of the business, but not much happening on the ham side.

  • normally i buy the last ever 6700 ;-)

    but for general operation the 6600 i almost the same but whit 2 transverter port ant bit more filtering

    on my particular case i really wish to have a 6700 since less filtering mean less loss in the front-end

    for use whit VHF /UHF/SHF trasnverter and doing EME it nince to have ;-)

    for general HF think you better whit 6600 whit the HF noise on band you will never notice the extra loss cause by filtration and probably even help to have more filtering and if something fail 6600 is fixable

    6700 if it fail i may end whit very expensive door stopper

    Marc VE2PN

  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭✭

    Don’t have a 6600 to test. On other radios, setting the panadapter wider the ham band sets the filters to “wide” (disabled). So with a 10 meter IF, this should work. Maybe a similar approach this might work on 6600.

  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    Setting the bandwidth to it's widest ( 14Mhz) on my 6600M does get the Wide indicator. Plus, it turns off the 7th order filters that the 6600/M have. And as far as I can tell, turns off all the ham band filters.



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