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FlexRadio 6400M w/ATU - $2600

For sale: Flex 6400M with ATU in excellent operating condition. 


  • FlexRadio 6400M w/ATU (SN 0718-7823-6401-0486)
  • FlexRadio FHM-2 Microphone
  • FlexRadio SmartSDR (3.4.24)
  • Heil Sound HS-2 PTT Hand Switch
  • Heil CC-1 XLR K (3 pin XLR to 8 pin Connector) Cable, 8 pin to TRS/RCA Adapter Cable

In April of 2022, I shipped this 6400M to FlexRadio to get it completely checked out and updated to the new version 3.4.24. I can provide FlexRadio’s invoice as proof of this fairly recent full diagnostic. The initial inspection and diagnostic showed that the fan was faulty and was causing an automated shutdown process. Everything was fixed, and was returned to my closet. I have not used it since except to hook it up to inspect the repairs. I’m selling this unit because putting up an antenna here in Mid-LA is a too big a HOA hassle.

Unfortunately the original boxes are no longer available, but I will ship it for the actual shipping costs. Shipping via UPS from Los Angeles, CA. You can pay via Cashier’s Check, Postal Money Order, PayPal, or Zelle. 

Please email at bbaker256 at gmail dot com - Also good on QRZ.com


Bill, WA9L


  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭

    CQ Fellow Hams - Can anyone give me some insight on why this 6400M of mine hasn't been snapped up by someone already? I thought I priced it right but there hasn't even been any inquiries. Help? 73 Bill, WA9L

  • VE7ATJ_Don
    VE7ATJ_Don Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 21

    Hi Bill.... at the risk of stating what may seem obvious, I think you may have it priced a bit too high.

    A quick scan of recent sales of 6400's/M's from QRZ.com Swapmeet shows the following: (all in USD)

    6400M - $2150, $1900

    6400 --$1949, $1800

    Also, just a thought -- you might want to include a power cable in the package as well.

  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭

    Hi Don -

    Thank you for your input. This 6400M come with an ATU which adds a bit and I just forgot to list the power cable. Good catch! I will add the power cable, and review the QRZ site to adjust my asking price.

    i guess I was just surprised I didn’t get any offers even if it was over priced. I usually get “fair market values” from eBay’s closed auctions list but they don’t sell may FlexRadio systems. :-)



  • Rick N4RZ
    Rick N4RZ Member ✭✭✭

    Two weeks ago I bought a 6400M to use for a backup radio for $1800 it was in perfect shape. I considered my purchase price a very good deal.

  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭
    edited September 21

    Did yours come with an ATU?

  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭

    Perhaps I should just ask ChatGPT: “what’s the average selling price for a used FlexRadio 6400M with an ATU? :-)

    It knows everything else. LOL

  • Jabi
    Jabi Member
    Where can I find used 6400M?
  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭
    edited October 10

    Jabi - I’m selling a used 6400M, so you’ve come to the right place! :-) Bill, WA9L

  • Maurice
    Maurice Member ✭✭

    Hi Bill, will you shipp it to the Netherlands and what's the price incl. shipping if you do shipping.

    Best regards,

    Maurice / PC9T

  • bd6rn
    bd6rn Member ✭✭

    Is it available?

  • bbaker256
    bbaker256 Member ✭✭

    Yes. It’s still available. 73 Bill WA9L