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any one use rea modulation ?

ea5iwt Member ✭✭


is any one use rea modulation  with the flex 6700 ?

any comment ?

vy 73 elan ea5iwt/dl9fcc


  • VE7ATJ_Don
    VE7ATJ_Don Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Elan... you've posted this in the Flea Market.... did you mean Community Topics???

    and what is REA Modulation??? Haven't heard of that before.

  • ea5iwt
    ea5iwt Member ✭✭
  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Elan, it looks like that is just a modulation monitor for AM. It won't work on SSB. The Flex 6000 series radios won't modulate more than 100 % in AM, so I am not sure what value this monitor really brings. If you wanted to operate with reduced, or no carrier (DSB), then it might help you to see what is going on.

  • I use an REA modulation monitor every day with my 6500 on AM (antique modulation).

    The Flex certainly will modulate in excess of 100 % in the positive direction. It easily goes to 140 % in fact.

    It will NOT overmodulate in the negative direction, fortunately. There should be no distortion from excessive negative modulation.

    The caution is to NOT overdrive your amplifier if you are using one. I barely use 3 watts carrier (12 Watts PEP) to drive my Mercury III s amp just to be sure. The output peaks at about 1 KW give or take.

    The Flex is a GREAT AM rig !!! 73 All, Jim KD1I

  • ea5iwt
    ea5iwt Member ✭✭


    thank you kind for the answer btw yes it is only AM no ssb I use to have it many years a go o n flex 5000

    was not sure if it will work with the 6000 well interesting btw Jim

    Ithere is some nice Group on AM ON 28Mhz are this group still there ?

    vy 73 elan ea5iwt/g0uut