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Need more Expalination of repairs

I just had my 6400M repaired and I don't fully understand what some of the repair items are. Mainly I'm wondering if they will reoccur in the future. Here is a list of the repairs with questions. My radio was bought used in 2018 from Flex and came with a full warranty. It was supposedly update and fully checked out by Flex before placing on the market. Should I put a help desk ticket i to get answers?

Upon inspection and diagnosis of your radio, we found the following issues:

  1. Confirmed the reported problem of EULA always being displayed at boot.
  2. The tablet needed to be reimaged to free more disk space and resolve the reported problem. Will it fill up again and what causes it to fill up?? Is this particular to M models only?
  3. Radio was missing Engineering Change Order ECOs and needed to have them added. How did they disappear? Shouldn't they have been there since purchase? I don't understand this one at all. Why aren't they sent along with firmware updates. What do ECO's do to performance?
  4. Radio needed to be dusted off, and the fan also needed cleaning.

Radio needed full factory calibration. What would cause it to go out of calibration, and how often should it be calibrated? 

In order to restore the radio to its normal operation, we performed the following steps: 

  1. Removed covers and front panel to access the radio and its components.
  2. Dusted off the interior components of the radio to remove any accumulated dust and debris.
  3. Reimaged the display to free more space. Will it fill up again?
  4. Added all needed Engineering Change Orders. I would like more explaination on this.
  5. Carefully reassembled the radio.
  6. Conducted a full factory calibration on the radio to optimize its performance. What was out of calibration?
  7. Replaced the old 256MB SD card with an 8GB SD card running the latest firmware version 3.4.24. Was this SD card responsible for the the disk full issue?
  8. Performed functional tests on the radio.
  9. Conducted an overnight test to verify the radio's stability and performance over an extended period.
  10. Performed final tests.
  11. Factory reset the radio to its default settings to ensure it is ready for use by customers.

Pete K1OYQ


  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    You should be able to ask the technician who serviced your radio through your Help Desk ticket. I did that both times my 6600M had to be sent in for service. The last time, mine had to be reimaged because it had become corrupt. And I was unable to update the front panel software even though the radio itself updated just fine.

    The previous time it went in for service was because the PA was damaged. Probably from a nearby lightning strike. That time they also applied some EOC's. ( engineering change orders) Those were improvements made during production after my radio was manufactured. ( 2018) They also did an alignment as well.

    But, again it would be better to ask the technician for a clearer explanation of what was done and why.



  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    ECO’s are changes to circuit or hardware design that have taken place since the radio was built. This brings the radio up to current revision.

    Some ECO’s can require running a realignment process (an automated process).

    Dave wo2x

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