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xDAX with Mac SmartSDR on Ventura


I operate FLDigi chat modes on my Flex-6600 - such as Olivia, Thor, etc.

With Mac SmartSDR, I use xDAX (by Mario DL3LSM) with Loopback for audio plumbing.

That has run on Intel T2 mini under Catalina, then Monterey, and now on Ventura.

Currently at Flex firmware 3.4.24.

Sometime after upgrading to Ventura (I don't recall how long), xDAX - normally launching in 1-2 seconds - began taking 9-10 seconds to start. Mac Console suggests it "hangs" for about 8 seconds, then resumes startup.

Mac SmartSDR's own DAX is an appealing single-RX fallback. But, I see and hear audio popping during transmit (and minor RF bounces on the wattmeter). So, I'm reluctant to use.

The Intel T2 is about 5 years old. I configured a new-from-factory Ventura M2 mini, to see if the slow-starting xDAX (and/or SmartSDR TX DAX popping) might resolve.

Initially, xDAX started in one second on the M2. But, by the next day, the 10-second delay set in on the M2, too.

(Alas, SmartSDR TX DAX popping is also observed on the M2)

As Apple evolves MacOS, I wonder if xDAX is being affected.

My question: have other xDAX users seen longer launch times after migrating to Ventura?



  • AA5SH
    AA5SH Member ✭✭

    I am currently running a M2 Mac Mini and I don't have any delays in xDax launching. Not sure what may be causing it.

    Michael, AA5SH

  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    I'm still on Monterey, but have noticed various lags / delays in starting xDax, even before Monterey. My suspicion is that the MacOS sound architecture is getting in the way, when setting up loopback and its app connections.

    Every now and again I'm surpprised when it starts up quickly (usually immediately after a reboot), but thats a rarity.

  • Mike WA7IJV
    Mike WA7IJV Member
    I think I stumbled onto root factor behind the really-long xDAX launches...

    Remotely connecting from a third Mac mini via Screen Sharing...

    1) Remoted to monitor-less Intel T2. Was stunned when xDAX quickly launched.
    2) Remoted to M2 (now cabled to Intel's former monitor). xDAX took 10 seconds to activate.
    3) Unplugged M2's monitor, then remoted back into the M2. xDAX came up immediately.

    Common element: 27 inch LG display (formerly sold on Apple Store). It is interfaced via thunderbolt.

    When that monitor is taken out of the loop in 1) and 3), the delay is gone.

    I suspect that monitor's thunderbolt may be interfering with xDAX. And, may have further worsened when Ventura was installed on my Intel T2.

    Exchanged monitors between the third mini (24 inch LG) and the M2. Now, the M2 launches xDAX very quickly, and the third Mac mini (so far) hasn't encountered problems with the 27 inch LG.

    (The SmartSDR TX DAX audio popping still happens, apparently unrelated to above)

    Thanks for your input...

    Mike WA7IJV
  • Ted  VE3TRQ
    Ted VE3TRQ Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks for reporting your experience, Mike. As it turns out, I also have that Thunderbolt3-connected 27" LG monitor :-( But I have no way of easily taking it out of the mix to try your premise.