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Which Stream Deck ?

So I am about to finally take the leap and purchase a Stream Deck. Looking at the Stream Deck+ or the Mk ll with 15 buttons. Any advice from those of you Flex owners that have either one? Pros and cons? Are the + model knobs useful?

73 & Tnx

Paul w2eck


  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    In my opinion the 15 button model is not going to cut it. There are so many commands that can be used to control the Flex.

    Just an example above but when you consider that almost all of those 32 buttons open to other layered commands, I just do not see that the purchase of a 15 button Deck is a wise move.

  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭


    So you would go with the Stream Deck + ? At this point I am not sure I understand the fully what can be done with the Screen area in the middle and the knobs?

    73 Paul w2eck

  • Geoff AB6BT
    Geoff AB6BT Member ✭✭✭

    Stream Deck XL?

  • Craig_KØCF
    Craig_KØCF Member ✭✭✭

    Go with the Stream Deck XL. It has 32 buttons and can have many more by adding sub-pages. After you are well familiar with the Stream Deck, then consider the "+". It has 4 knobs or dials plus 8 buttons. It can have 10 panes selected by swiping on the LCD screen above the knobs.

    73, Craig KØCF

  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    Hi Paul, XL all the way for me. Too much faff to mess around with knobs, panes or 15 buttons. Just my experience though, each to their own, and I don't mean to diminish Paul's assertion that the "+" is viable. But 32 buttons gives near instant access to everything the Flex can do and easily with one or two presses.

  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭

    Craig & Erik

    Wow - reosunding votes for the XL- tnx, which is a big price bump up from the other two choices. Would really like to hear from someones experieince with the +, to hear about how they use they use he +'s screen and the knobs with a Flex

    73 Paul

  • K1DBO
    K1DBO Member ✭✭✭


    I really like the Stream Deck + for both its knobs and it's simplicity. Knobs are just a better than buttons for controlling most of the radios functions. There are only four knobs but it's easy to "stack" functions on the knob then cycle through them by pushing the knob (it's a button as well as knob). If you use my Deck Master plugin each knob can control a "choice" or "toggle" as well as "range" type function. So there are many ways to load a lot of functionality onto a single knob.

    The XL is too big for my tastes but it does offer a lot of buttons. ...and apoligies if this sounds like a Deck Master infomercial, but Deck Master will let you spread a "range" control out over two or three buttons and still present a clean display of the status of the function. Volume control is an example of a "range" so with the XL there is plenty of room to assign three buttons to that one function. One to raise volume, one to lower volume, and one to return to a preset value. Or skip the preset and just spread it across two buttons.

    Dont forget about the Stream Deck Mini... I'm sure there are plenty of folks who would be very happy with just the six buttons of the mini. Or get two, one for each hand. The Stream Deck software will let you connect a number of devices regardless of model.

    The choice here is really personal. I dont think there is just one right way to configure the any of the Stream Deck devices. Best advice I can offer is to step back and think about what you really would like to control with buttons rather than the mouse. How often you're likely to press those buttons, how much desk space you'd like those buttons to take up. Both the XL and the SD+ are fairly large. So desk space could be a consideration. Of course, the Stream Deck Pedal doesnt take any desk space. If I could have only one, I'd go with the Stream Deck +.


  • W2ECK
    W2ECK Member ✭✭


    Thanks for your info, exactly what I was looking for in terms of the Stream Deck+ could be used. And yes, desk space is a consideration for me.Think I am going with the +, choice. Looking to Prime Days for possible savings.


    Paul W2ECK

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