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Dual user on Flex 6500 SDR 3.4.23 with CW

Jan W. van der Loos
Jan W. van der Loos Member, Unconfirmed
I managed to interface my CW at my remote Windows 10 PC. But after some key strokes systems logging out and a while no remote access.
I'm using next to Smart SDR logging in the RKI software and RS232 to USB CO5.
I tested this interface while DRS is in SSB mode and see the signals of the Key and PTT. The keyboard keyer is also working. When going into CW mode, keyboard keyer works and the Flex Remote is sending.
I log in the RKI with the same credentials as the Smart SDR.
It takes a while for the Flex to restore and making accessible. Dut to the distance I can't easily traveling to the site.

It's a club radio so I have to give them some instruction for the settings of the Flex?
Will be helpful because I'm the first member in starting remote CW.
Internet speed is fine. Latency issues is for later otherwise I have to key slower? But that's not the question at this moment. See attached picture of the configuration. Don't see way to upload. Thanks. 73 Jan WØJWL.


  • Jan W. van der Loos
    Jan W. van der Loos Member, Unconfirmed
    Systems worked. Some settings in the Flex base station.
    I'm keying straight into the Flex system, with the remote key interface. No other bells and whistless.
    There is of course a delay between sending from the SDR and actual signal in the transmitter. I tested by listening to my own transmissions on WEBSDR.ORG. And conclude that there is not distorsion of the code. dots are dots, dashes are dashes. No need for expensive hardware. Just an RS232 to USB interface.
    My ultimate desire is that Flex is building in this feature in the basis software. No need for sidetone, no need for paddle to straight key conversion. Keep it simple. So I can leave the anoying second log-in with the remote key application. I'm using straight internet, no VPN. Thus Flexradio, there are many CW remote users due to HOA condo-commando's. I'm curious. And thanks for the presentation on line to our VBRAC members in Florida. 73 WØJWL