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How to connect remotely to PGXL?

KH6XX Member ✭✭
I am running macOS Monterey version 12.6.5 and an iMac late 2015 model. Also running SmartSDR for Mac, the latest version. When operating remotely, I see In the Radio Control window the PGXL and am able to put it into OPR and Standby. I am getting output from the PGXL. When I go to the Genius app within SmartSDR for Mac to connect to to the PGXL, the expected screen displays momentarily for and then disappears. I can see it is getting correct information. I have a static IP address for my router, and have done the reservation for the local IP address of the PGXL and the port forwarding for the IP address of the PGXL. I followed the same setup for the TGXL and AG on the router.

I can successfully connect to the TGXL and the AG remotely using the Genius app in SmartSDR for Mac, but not the PGXL. My static IP address from the ISP works fine for the TGXL and AG remotely. I am using the correct Port numbers for each of the devices as well as the same authorization code on both sides.

Has anyone come across this issue where the Genius app in SmartSDR for Mac disappears from the screen?

Randy KH6XX


  • KH6XX
    KH6XX Member ✭✭
    Problem was resolved with a SmartSDR for Mac update. It was a timing issue.