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export problems

When I save profiles the network status indicator bars at the bottom right of SSDR window all turn white and when the export ends the smallest bar turns red. After 10-15 seconds they gradually all turn green again. Usually I have lost 1 or more xmit profiles when I try to import.

If I save only the xmit profiles this does not happen. And usually the xmit profiles will import back. If I export only global profiles the network status stays green and I can import the profiles. Is this because of the much smaller amount of data being written to the hdd?

It seems that the network status only turns red when I try to export all profiles and settings. Are we overloading the nic card in the radio and causing part of the export to be lost or corrupted? I think if this is the problem then it is the nic card in the radio cuz I tried it on my laptop with no internet and the radio plugged directly into the laptop and the status indicators turned red and the xmit profiles would not import.

In what order are the files written to the hdd during an export? I ask because I usually only lose xmit profiles and if we are overloading the nic card then perhaps the last files saved are the ones being corrupted by a failure in the nic card. With only 6-8 xmit profiles and 25-30 global profiles why is it always the xmit profiles that will not import after this happens?

I don't know from nic cards and networking, these are just my observations and questions. I really want to use profiles cuz I freq jump a lot and it simplifies my life a great deal.

Fred, K0FG


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Fred, that doesn't sound normal. I would submit a help desk ticket.

  • K0FG_Fred
    K0FG_Fred Member ✭✭

    I must be doing something wrong. Ken Wells got on my pc working remotely, created some xmit profiles and they are still there after importing and exporting several times. I created some xmit profiles to go along with his and sometimes they work ok and other times they disappear, but the ones Ken created are still there. So I guess the system works, I just don't know how to make it work. Will keep experimenting and try to figure it out.

    Thanks to the folks who responded with suggestions and especially to the support people at Flex for the time and effort they put forth.

    Fred, K0FG

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