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Help on Maestro Connection to 6600M on home wifi and home wired LAN

crbigbie Member ✭✭
Hi I have a 6600M connected with shielded jumpers to a local to the radio gigabit switch whitch is connected to a gigabit router connected to a gigabit modem(Cox).
I run a maestro upstairs on wirless 5g and wired LAN. When I transmit the green bars turn red or one red one lights and the audio on trasmit is garbled. I checked the 5g 2 speed with my phone and I have 679 down and 37 upload. The plain 5g speed is 611/37. I do not have a way to measure the wired lan at the maestro.Radio and Maestro were just upgraded to v3.4.23. The PGXL and Tuner XL have been upgraded to latest(I think).
Maestro Diagnostics show Poor during transmit, Latency 3ms, RX rate 1343 TX Rate 3 Max latency 1430 dropped 119 out of 17200 packets .69%.
On receive only Network status excellent, RX Rate 1390, TX Rate 3, Latency 377 and 0 dropped packets out of 5700.

I have tried to connect the Maestro on WIFI and LAN and get bassicaly the same bad broken audio.
Smart SDR on PC shows Latency less than 1ms, RTT 1013 ms, RX Rate 254 dropped 2 out of 450500.
Is my netork at fault? or a problem I am not aware of(all dynamic IP) . Is there a fault with the Maestro the 6600M did I set something up incorrectly?
I have tried different WIFI routers in my home and get similar results.
Any and all thoughts or suggestions will be welcome!
Thank You
Chuck Bigbie N5ANY


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Chuck, it sounds more like RF getting into your network. Try transmitting into a dummy load at low power to see if the symptoms go away. Of not, then there is probably something else going on.

    I had the same symptoms with my 6400. I put ferrites on all the LAN cables connected to my router and switch and it cleared it right up.

  • crbigbie
    crbigbie Member ✭✭
    Thank you so much for the response I added ferrites this weekend and it did not help? I have also done the dummy load and low power with out the Power genious. It was doing this before I got a power genious. Any other thoughts? More Ferrites?
  • crbigbie
    crbigbie Member ✭✭
    Just checking, how many ferrites did you use? What did you put them on? Power cable? All lan cables?
  • Gord-VA7GP
    Gord-VA7GP Member ✭✭
    edited April 2023

    Ferrite Beads = Prayer Beads :-O

    Far better, for EMI suppression (both in, and out), is to use large toroids (FT240-31) with 8 - 10 turns of the cable. Place these toroids at each end of every cable. for both (suspected) emitters and victims. If you have a single shack-PC and a single FlexRadio, you may wind up with a dozen of these toroids!

    In addition to toroids, I like to also use shielded cabling where I can, with all equipment grounded back to a single point (at window-entrance to my shack).

    Here is one of my shack PCs (I have two, along with a few radios, mixer, and other peripherals... maybe I have 25 FT240-31 toroids throughout):

    I'm not saying this will solve the Original Poster's problem, nor am I saying he has RFI. But if others do have or suspect RFI, then I believe toroids are a better sollution that snap-on chokes (beads). This may simply be a good avenue to explore, and you may also lower your receive noise-floor, if nothing else :-)

  • crbigbie
    crbigbie Member ✭✭

    Wow thank you very much, the RF is a problem when I use my Maestro either wireless or on the lan cable. I added the beads on all cables today and well check to see if it had any effect. If not off to toroids I go.

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