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Dax RX popping audio?

Ed Stallman
Ed Stallman Member ✭✭

I keep the audio muted while using WSJT-X so wouldn't know if the RX audio is popping or not ? I'm thinking I should listen more. but I seem to decode better the I'm being heard .

Today while transmitting FT8 I noticed the Pan adaptor TX signal jumping up and back down 20 to 30 times in a 15 sec transmit . I did listen to the RX audio on the receive sequence and didn't hear any popping.. I tried cold boot , shutting down DAX and restarting , reboot computer . Nothing worked . What did work was uninstalling DAX drivers and reinstalling . Following this link instructions https://helpdesk.flexradio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204017069-How-to-Manually-Re-Install-DAX-Drivers?_ga=2.210339285.1303793685.1552148107-1696857438.1552148107 Now the pan adaptor looks smooth and flat on the TX sequence .

With the pan adaptor jumping , I called the DX for over an hour . After reinstalling DAX drivers I try again and work in 5 minutes ! Coincidence or better TX Audio ??

I will keep records of how often the DAX drivers need reinstalling



  • ka1jy
    ka1jy Member ✭✭
    starting a week or so ago my flex 6600 has become nearly unusable. Popping, snapping, garbled, just terrible. Transmit and receive. This poping thing has been reasonable if you reduced video quality down to keep the DPC times down but something has changed. NVidia has been a problem for as far back as I remember. I have chased down everything. Checking with latencyMon. As I am setup now it shows NO long delays. Basically passing. I have turned off every windows display enhancement , shut down slice master, dropped to one slice only, made the smartSRD as small as possible to the point it isn't usable. Something changed. Windows obviously. I hope someone can fix this soon. Is there any chance we can drop this MS garbage and go to a linux core? I vote to get every remnant of windows, windows CE or anything else related to MS out. This is getting old.
  • ka1jy
    ka1jy Member ✭✭
    Also turning the DAX off. Not just disabled - closed the DAX application.
  • Tom Teague
    Tom Teague Member ✭✭

    The Popping is in all modes and Models. It has gotten worse in the past few weeks. I have both the M model and the standard 6600. It is doing it with everyone I talk to on SSB, AM, FT8, and even CW. It is not a computer problem it is happening when I am not hooked to the computer and just running the face of the radio.

  • K5XH
    K5XH Member ✭✭

    I noticed this for the first time last night. Running FT8 I could hear the pops and also see spikes in the RF output. Very strange. I have made no changes to anything on my computer. I normally have the monitor on and turned to a low volume and I can't say that I have ever heard this before. I did not try other modes.

    All Flex software up to date except the just released 2.10.1 version.

    73, Mark K5XH

  • ka1jy
    ka1jy Member ✭✭

    I'll tell ya this issue with the audio popping might be the end of my flex experiment. I love the flex features and multiple slices and all the kool stuff but much of the time my radio is pretty much unusable on digital. 3.9.whatever-it-is doesn't solve the problem. It does more or less bring it back to where it was in before this latest meltdown but that is a long way from being "solved". I reset my DAX several times every day and leave it off when I am on SSB. I also dropped all of the windows pretty stuff off the machine running the flex but it doesn't solve the issue. If I run latencyMon I don't go over the threshold on DPC that causes LatencyMon to declare your PC unfit. So what's the deal with this? I hear lots of suggestions to try this and that but nothing actually resolving the problem.

    On the same topic- Can someone help me out here because I am having trouble understanding how some Smartlink server connection has anything to do with audio failures a local PC to radio connection. Am I missing something? I don't log into smartlink. I don't use the radio remote. I don't have any need of a smartlink connection. It seems like the smartlink server problem is somehow linked to this audio failure. Is that the case? Does some server failure or maybe an internet outage render my radio unusable? That can't be the case. Someone educate me on this relationship if there is one.

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