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Is Flex 6400 Firmware 3.4.21 safe for MacSDR v2.4.01?

Noticed a new firmware version is now available. Not sure if MacSDR can handle it.


  • ldelatorre
    ldelatorre Member ✭✭

    Sorry not MacSDR meant to say SmartSDR 🤪

  • HB9HJQ
    HB9HJQ Member ✭✭

    It works for me. With the update to SmartSDR 2.4.03 (published yesterday) a checkbox for the new low latency digital filters has been added.

    73, Christian

  • Dan Trainor
    Dan Trainor Member ✭✭✭

    Marcus, the developer of SmartSDR, quickly put out a patch release 2.4.03 to compensate for some of these anomalies introduced in Flex firmware version 3.4.21 - but unfortunately he can only control what is on the client side of API. One can only hope Flex will be as diligent, but losing faith. Dan WA1QZX