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v3.4.21 What a nice Valentine's Day surprise

Went smooth no issues to report on the install process. So many new features and fixes to go over. VOX, DAX for example. Glad the antenna switching on the 6700 fixed as well.


  • Dan Trainor
    Dan Trainor Member ✭✭✭

    Question: Is the Users Guide documentation updated for 3.4.21 version? I access latest documentation and it shows a date of 16 Sept 2019. Since it is not possible that documentation was not updated since 2019 and must have necessarily updated for each latest release, I assume I have not accessed the URL to documentation. Does anyone have this URL to 3.4.21 SSDR User Guide documentation? Thanks in advance, Dan

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    All is well here. I upgraded this morning without incident. So far, everything is working as expected. I really like this new checkbox!

  • Craig Gagner
    Craig Gagner Member ✭✭

    Nice Valentine's Day surprise indeed. Looking forward to feeling the love that V3.4 brings.😍

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    The radios need love also.

    Dave wo2x

  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    Updated. Then, after a cold boot and restart, everything working fine. While not documented anywhere, the ANF now works as it should. Possibly a side effect of the lower latency audio improvement. I tested the ANF on a net on 20 meters that had a nice 20/9 tuner upper blasting right on top of them. The ANF took out tone without letting it pop through the conversation. There was one issue, there was a very low rumbling in the audio. It didn't effect the conversation. But, it was noticeable. If that's the worst problem, I will take it! It is much better than the previous version of SmartSDR. Hopefully, this is a sign of more basic improvements to come.



    Now, I can disconnect my Timewave 599zx

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭

    Trucker, to help take out the Rumble you can set up the RX Equalizer to **** out the LOW tones so the Audio sounds more normal.

    Here is a picture of my RX EQ settings that I use, The trick is to set the EQ so it sounds about the same as when the ANF is off to you hearing abilities.

    I have trouble with LOW pitch audio and like it brighter for my ears so yours will be different I am sure.




  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    I finally did do just that. Installation had not kept my EQ settings for some reason. But, the real problem I find now is the ANF is still not working properly. If the Tune Up tone ( this is important, on top of an ongoing QSO) is in the middle of the Passband, it will still,NOT remove the tone. It allows the tone, (no matter the ANF slider setting) to pop in and out of the received audio. And interrupt the audio. Just as it has done all along. If on the other hand, the tone is at either edge of the passband, then the ANF seems to have no problem removing the tone without effecting the received audio. I have messed with AGC-T settings, RF Gain settings and absolutely nothing helps removed the tone if it's in the middle of the Passband. (short of turning off the radio) This is a FLAW in the ANF that has been in SmartSDR ever since it was introduced. It was mentioned on the Flex Radio Facebook page that this is a Maintenance release, not a new feature release. I don't consider a working DSP function like ANF a new Feature! It is a basic function that Flex Radio continues to ignore no matter how many times they have been asked to fix it. Steven Hicks told me several years ago at the last HAMCOM in Irving , Texas at the end of a presentation he gave, that FRS was well aware of the problem with the ANF and that is was being fixed in the upcoming release. The current version of SmartSDR at the time was 2.3 something. The upcoming release was 2.49. When it came out, there was nothing in the release notes about improving the ANF or any of the DSP functions. And, nothing had been improved. That was several years ago. And still, nothing has been done. I seriously doubt now, that they will ever bother with improving, EXISTING DSP functions like the ANF or Noise Reduction. The Noise Reduction in SmartSDR, no matter the setting, will cover up a weak signal. Yet, in other SDR software, (mainly Thetis for the Anan radios) That doesn't happen. Instead, it brings the weak signal up out of the noise floor and makes it clear and easy to understand. So, in my mind at least, I think it can be done with SmartSDR as well. To me the continuing ignoring of BASIC features and functions is an clear indication that Flex Radio does not care about those things enough to make them right. No All Mode Squelch, (AM folks like Squelch) NO, Phase Cancellation in Diversity Reception for those that have Dual SCU radios like the 6600/M and 6700. Poorly implemented Noise Reduction and Automatic Notch Filter. Things that have been asked for by many others, besides myself. But, apparently, we are in the minority.

    I was happy to see Flex Radio start to communicate about updates and eventual upgrades to SmartSDR. Even though it did take a while for this release. And it did fix a number of things for people doing Digital Modes. That is a good thing. But, failing to even begin to address basic features, is a complete fail to me. It is as though Flex Radio says like it or lump it, if you don't like what we want you to have and what we think is important to you.................................

    End of Rant!



  • Butch
    Butch Member ✭✭✭

    I upgraded my 6700 to V3.4.21 yesterday. The update went smoothly, no problems. Many thanks to FRS and the test team for their efforts.

    Butch KF4HR

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