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SmartSDR - Minimum Link Speed


I’m having trouble with remote access using SmartSDR.  My station is a 6600M, a Dell laptop, and I use Xfinity for internet access at the station (at home).  Pretty basic - no fancy switching, hubs, routers,etc - fer now!  I have connected using outside WiFi or cell networks with no trouble, meaning the access will work.

Recently I was stuck using a Guest WiFi network at a hospital for a couple weeks.  Of course I want (need) to connect to my station at home from the hospital.  Everytime I do, I get a partial connection: SmartSDR will test OK but never displays any part of the Flex waterfall or radio settings - regardless of the remote device (PC or IOS device).  Even DAX and CAT show trouble.

I just tested the internet access thru this Guest WiFi network (when it will connect and test) and found it to be 1.2 mb down and 200 kb up.  Pretty bad - huh?!

That got me thinking: 

  • What is the recommended speed for remote access and SmartSDR?  
  • What should the minimum down/up speed be for a successful connection?  (….of course faster is better….)
  • Can they be blocking access using SmartSDR - even tho it tests OK?

I’m interested in your experiences and what speed you have used.

Thanks in Advance for any and all comments and direction…..

KF6JS - Tony


  • Gord-VA7GP
    Gord-VA7GP Member ✭✭✭

    I wonder...

    Sometimes these Free WiFi "Captive Portals" will only permit Port 80 / Port 443 website traffic. I've encountered blockages for SSH, FTP, email-clients, home-security/automation, my Plex TV/Video streaming server and many other services, but at the same time I am able to browse...

    I wonder if your hospital "Internet" is really only "Websites" sub-set? Is that possible?