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SmartSDR for MAC with CW Decoder..... (Software Markus R.)

Torsten DC9TH
Torsten DC9TH Member, Unconfirmed
hello good day everyone. I hope that I can get some help. i've been trying to adjust the cw decoder settings for 2 days now. There doesn't seem to be any instructions for it. at least I can't find any on the side of markus roskosch. the internet is also keeping a low profile.
all the decoder translates are the call signs and lots of individual letters. the wrtc contest is running and that's why it's easy for me to hear contest. Unfortunately, the decoding does not work optimally. is there a video or instructions for the software for the cw (contest - settings)


  • Howard NV9U
    Howard NV9U Member
    I have not been able to get it to work at all. I bring up the CW-Decoder window but it does not seem to be connected to the receive stream. Box next to the SQL setting is blank and the meter below it shows no activity. This is even though I can clearly hear the cw
  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 18


    simple ON / OFF by clicking the RX button in the upper left of the decoder window

    it is GREY when OFF and BLUE when ON

    just make sure the desired CW signal is in the receive passband...

    Paul K3SF