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How are Slice Letters assigned on startup?

How are slice letters assigned at startup of SmartSDR? I am using SmartControl on the Flex 6600M and have 4 slices on 3 panadapters on 2 bands open. Most of the time, I am using 3 of the slices for digital modes controlled by the appropriate software and one for classic modes.

I would like to have my "classic" mode slice to be slice A for best comfort on the radio front panel. I would also like to have the digital mode slices set so that the correct CAT and DAX is used.

When I have everything set up and shutdown SmartSDR, the next time I start it, it will come up with the correct panadapters and slices on the correct frequencies, but not necessarily with the letters used before.

For example Slice C may have been on 144.360 (using Transverter) with DAX 3 and COM 12 but the next time Slice B may be on 144.360, now using DAX 2 and COM 11 (and other related settings changed).

I've not managed to bring them up in the right order, every time causing reconfiguration. I tried saving profiles but to no avail.

Thanks and 73
Carsten G0SYP

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  • Alan
    Alan Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Slices are assigned on a "first request, first assigned, in sequence."

    The assignment sequence is Slice 0, Slice 1, Slice 2, and Slice 3.

    Each "Client" assigns its Slice Letter to the slice (number) it receives, in sequence, A, B, C, D.

    I assume you have only one Client, so the Slice Number(Letter) sequence will be: 0(A), 1(B), 2(C), and 3(D).

    If you have two Clients, the Slice numbers will be in order, but the Letter assignments may vary. For example, if each client alternates in opening slices: Client One- 0(A), 2(B); Client Two-1(A), 3(B)

    Based on your observation, I suspect the differing Slice Letters may be a startup timing issue. If consistency is required, I suggest you use a Global Profile.

    Alan. WA9WUD


  • Many thanks for the concise explanation Alan! I have played around some more with Global Profiles and indeed it does remember things now. I must have not saved something properly the first time around.

    Thanks again,

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