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SmartSDR for iOS not connecting

Is anyone having issues connecting to their FLEX-6xxx using the app and some version of iOS 16.xxxxx? Since it updated to 16, I’ve had to either reboot the radio, delete and reinstall the app, or both.


  • KP4IP
    KP4IP Member ✭✭

    No issues here (Flex FW: 3.3.33) and both iPhone / iPad running iOS / iPad OS 16.1.1

    Are you getting any specific error?

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    No specific errors just a blank screen or it will connect and I can only listen. When I let the radio, I have no audio output. My 6400 is currently running 3.3.32 and may be part of the problem.

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    Updating to 3.3.33 fixed the issue. Interesting because I’ve been using 3.3.32 and the remote app without any issues until the device OS updated.

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    Well I thought the issue was fixed. I’ve upgraded to 3.3.33 and I’m still having trouble with connecting remotely. I have spoken with others running iOS 16 and the latest version of the app and they have no issues. I’m really not sure what is happening. I never had any issues when using iOS 15 and it is sad that I cannot downrev the iOS version. If anyone can shed some light on what in the world is happening with my connection I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance and best 73.

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    This is as far as I am able to connect. Removing and reinstalling the app is not a solution because it has been tried. Rebooting the radio doesn’t help either.

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    I can connect to the Demo Flex 6700 and use it without any problems.

  • K3SF
    K3SF Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 2022

    based on pics....i notice you are on 5g network...and using iphone

    looks like smartsdr maybe set to low data rate

    look at extened setting in smartsdrfor NET SPEED which should be set to 'fast'

    other areas to check....

    check cellular data setup in ios setting...

    check to see if your 5G provider downgrades on data usage or coverage area or area loading

    check ios settings to make sure macssdr-IOS runs in backgorund

    check macssdr settings for listen only mode

    OH...another possibility maybe other apps running in the background using up memory as well as cpu

    they need to be shut down...you do know how to do that...if not then ask here ...

    when you update from ios15 to ios16 did you reboot the iphone? simple turn off phone wait 15 second then turn it on...that does a reboot of the iphone...

    i think you said it works on your local wifi (implied statement no directly stated by you)

    and your real issue is using across smartlink

    Paul K3SF

  • Hector W2NPR
    Hector W2NPR Member ✭✭

    Hi Paul…thank you for that tip on the net speed. It was set to medium until moments ago. The app is allowed to use cellular data and as far as I know my carrier does not slow down or restrict bandwidth especially on my vast cellular/data plan.

    I have shut down all other apps along with rebooting the phone to ensure all other apps are in fact stopped. I was able to connect over my wifi and off of the cellular network. The radio has been updated to the latest version of SmartSDR because the last version had remote connection issues according to the release notes of the latest version.

    Best 73 DE Hector W2NPR

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