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SmartSDR for Mac / Skookum Logger panadaptor spots?


I am trying to make the step from Windows/N1MM to a reasonably full-featured Mac contesting environment. Last weekend I dabbled in CQ WW SSB using Skookum Logger and Mac SmartSDR. There was a learning curve but most of the pieces were there or I have since learned exist. However, one big feature for me, being a 100W and wires and generally search-and-pounce operator is seeing spots on the Flex panadaptor, matching what is in my logging software, both cluster-originated as well as manually entered as I tune.

I think this would involve Skookum Logger forwarding the data from it’s Activities windows to Mac SmartSDR using something like the N1MM TCP Spots protocol. Which probably means functionality added to both Skookum Logger and Mac SmartSDR.

In a nutshell, I would like to see the cluster spots that Skookum Logger gets be forwarded to Mac SmartSDR, along with worked/dupe status. And if I tune across a station and add the callsign manually (which adds it to the SL Activities window), I’d like to see that forwarded similarly.

Is there already some way to do this? Would others find this of interest as well?

Steve AK0M


  • Dan Trainor
    Dan Trainor Member ✭✭✭

    If Skookum Logger integration does not work out for whatever reason, you can just use the Mac SmartSDR built in DX Cluster / Spots capability directly. It is great. Use Tools=>DX Cluster. And click Start. It will display DX Cluster window and allow you to filter in a variety of ways. I find setting DX Cluster source to "DX Summit" to be best. Spots show up automatically if you have SmartSDR=>Preferences=>Spots turned on. It is built-in and turn key. No integration with 3rd party required. Good Luck, Dan WA1QZX

  • Steve - AK0M
    Steve - AK0M Member ✭✭

    K1GQ’s response to a pm indicates little interest in integrating with Flex. Not sure why. His software is really nice, and he has been otherwise very responsive to my questions. It would be a great product for Flex/Mac-environment contesters with a few additions.

    Guess I am back to square one with Windows and N1MM for contesting. It really does work well other than for latency issues and missing remote sidetone which requires additional hardware and software and complexity to address. Day to day operation still prefer the rich feature set of SmartSDR for Mac.

    Steve AK0M

  • ct1drb
    ct1drb Member ✭✭
    Hi Steve,

    maybe you give a try with RUMlogNG, it works, now, well with flexradios and maybe it does almost what you want.

    Best 73.

    David Quental