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SmartSDR missing in App Store

SmartSDR has disappeared from the App Store for a few days now. Can anyone confirm this? What could this mean? The developer didn't answer mail requests so far, maybe he just withdrew the app temporarily due to technical problems. It's a bit worrying though, as it affects not only the app for macOS, but also for iOS. I wanted to install SmartSDR on iPad – no chance without App Store. Any inside info?


  • wp4oxg
    wp4oxg Member ✭✭

    I just searched it in my iPhone with iOS 16.1 and SmartSDR is in the App Store (version 6.0.20)

  • VE7ATJ_Don
    VE7ATJ_Don British ColumbiaMember ✭✭✭

    I seem to remember seeing something about needing a certain level of iPad and iOS for SmartSDR.

    I believe the minimum now is iPADOS 15.0 or later. (for MAC, it's OS 11.5 or later).

    Perhaps it won't show up in the app store if you are not on that level of OS?

  • HB9BNV
    HB9BNV Member
    My devices are on iOS 15.6.1 and macOS 11.7.1 - but if according to your observations SmartSDR appears in the App Store under iOS 16, I am reassured that there is a future for the app - hi. I was just irritated that it suddenly vanished in the App Store under my OS conditions. Tnx for help.
  • wp4oxg
    wp4oxg Member ✭✭
    edited November 2022

    Well Marcus has a web page at https://roskosch.de/smartsdr-features/ and the description says that the minimum is iOS 11 although in the App Store says iOS 14 (at least). His web page however has a 'contact' link and maybe you could try it too.

    EDIT: the app info in the App Store shows that the minimum version for the latest version (6.0.22) is iOS 15.